Old Tweets Finder

Are you that kind of person who loves to look back at the good old days?

You’re going to need what we call in the industry an  “old tweets finder”. Or listen to all those classical music or watch those classic movies?

Are you also a person that has a twitter account?

Then you surely want to read all those old tweets these past years.

But are you having problems? Problems such as not being able to view those old tweets and finding it hard to scroll down your timeline?

Then worry not because there are easier ways for you to view and read all those old tweets of yours.

old tweets finder
Careful with those aging twitter posts!

Here is one way. All social media platforms have built-in settings. Therefore go to the settings of Twitter, scroll until you find the word content.

And in “content” there a button, “request your archive,” click this button and wait for the magic to happen. Twitter will now be sending you a link, in that link in your archive that is ready to be downloaded.

Old Tweets Finder

After you have downloaded it, you may now access your archive. Contained in that archive are all the tweets that you have made from the very start. You can view them from the first up to the last tweet that you created.

But if you don’t want to wait and download all the tweets. If you want to find a specific old tweet in your account, then there is a way that you can use.

Or if you want to find an old tweet from somebody’s account, then this method is applicable for you.

Use the Twitter search bar. Just like other engines, there are search bars, and search bars are used for searching.

If you want to search for a particular tweet in your account, then type your username, and if you want to narrow down the search, consider adding a date. Adding other search details will help to narrow down your twitter exploration.

Old tweets finder step 1

Old Tweets Finder by Date

If you typed in your username and the date, the chances are that you are going to find the specific tweet in that particular date.

Isn’t that a comfortable feat? Finding those old tweets are made easier if you follow these steps.

It is also applicable if you want to search recent tweets of other people. Just use the same principle of the old tweets finder methods.

Type the username of the person and the specific date of their tweet; you’ll be getting results in seconds.

If you are a person that searches for all those old tweets by scrolling down, then you are in the right place. Enough with that tedious work and make your life easier.

Download the link of the archive and view all the tweets of your account from the very start. This act’s as your manual old tweets finder tool.

Or search for that specific tweet that you are looking for by typing the username and the date in the search bar.

Either way, you would be getting your desired tweets with this old tweets finder by date methodology.

Enjoy reading and laughing by looking back at all those old tweets in your account. And keep on tweeting and up to your collections of memorable tweets.

P.s. We have received a lot of interest from users looking to search and find older tweets by date and more. So much so that we’re in the process of developing a tool that allows users to quickly and easily go through their entire twitter history.

This will allow you to delete old tweets you find, and monitor historical trends based on aged twitter posts.