Twitter Listening Tools

What is twitter listening? Twitter listening tools utilize the process of managing your Twitter account by constantly monitoring posts automatically.

This is done via applications and API access that requires development. Most standard users could not access the kind of automation that these listening tools for Twitter can accomplish.

This helps to listen to your everyday performance, including the performance of your tweets.

This is a great help for many users as it gives them an idea of what are the weaknesses of their tweets. It is essential to completely done by users.

5 Twitter Listening Tools

  1. Crowd Fire
    • This twitter listening tool helps users to gain more Twitter followers. Crowd Fire allows users to see other users that unfollowed them, how their posts influence their following, as well as finding new and more followers. Moreover, Crowdfire used the option of copy followers. It works by giving the user a look in the behind the scene, such as who are the users that always follow them back.
    • It is too advantageous as it connects users to the right people within the campaigns of their brands, products, and others. Moreover, most users used it as their scheduling tool in getting optimal reach to manage non-followers, inactive followers, and publish. It used the Auto direct message to promote engagement to the new followers.
  2. Social Mention
    • Social mention is a simple, sharp, and quick, available twitter listening tool. It is the search engine in scanning more than hundreds of social media platforms, including Twitter. This tool helps to analyze many different brands including its strength
    • The likelihood of the brand in the discussion of Twitter users, sentiment – the mention’s ratio which are all positive to all the negatives, passion – likelihood of the brand in repeated discussion of the users, and its reach – the measure of influence’s range.
  3. Hootsuite
    • It is one of the great twitters listening tools. This allows users to cover may different social platforms especially Twitter. But it also can be used in other social platforms like LinkedIn, Foursquare, Facebook, Google+, and WordPress. Its free version is the stripped-down version of its paid version.
    • Even though it’s free and available to all users, it is also essential for enterprises and businesses too but the paid version. Hootsuite’s paid version is worth it due to its different popular and available services.
  4. Buzzsumo
    • This twitter listening tool allows users to pay special attention to their best content along with their brands and other industries. It also includes the performance of the content and the competitors’ posts. This gives a thorough fine and neat analysis report.
    • Buzzsumo is great for data aggregation about the total of links in the user’s domain as well as the content pieces received. This is available via backlinks and other social media, especially on Twitter.
  5. SumAll
    • SumAll is also a great listening tool that helps in gathering data on the user’s Twitter account. It delivers an easy and neat analysis of the user’s interaction, engagements, and followers. Moreover, it helps in understanding the social account’s correlation.
    • It provides user regularly emails that review their top status compared to last week. Remember that SumAll only targets small business mediums. Perhaps, it is what you are looking for in Twitter listening tools.

Twitter Listening Tools Are Available Now

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