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10 Years ago, I was at a conference for internet marketing. This was when Twitter was in its infancy and frankly, it was really hard to use.

I met one of the premier marketers at the time. Throughout our discussion, Twitter Search App options kept coming up.

He told me that there was ONE thing that I should be watching over the next 10 years with regard to social media.

It’s 2019 now, and it turns out that what he said was EXACTLY on point.

But we’ll get to that in a bit.

Understanding What a Twitter Search App Does

Throughout the evolution of Twitter, thousands of apps have come and gone. Every single feature has been pulled out, optimized, and attempted to turn into an application.

Thanks to Twitter’s API, this was really easy. Due to the nature of search, and the mathematical difficulties with optimal search tooling, it was hard to find an app that could actually search better than Twitter’s default options.

However, since then there are applications that are specifically designed to make searching Twitter much easier, more efficient, and automated vs. Twitter’s core option.

Searching Twitter without an App

There are basically two wasy to Search twitter without using a 3rd party app. You can use twitter’s default search options, or the Advanced search


Twitter search without an app

Default Twitter Search

Default search is performed on Twitter by just using the search bar. We won’t belabor what a search bar is or how it works, but for the sake of this article we will cover how it relates to Twitter.

The default search in Twitter will allow you to search manually one search a time. After you search, you will be given a screen with mixed results of hashtags, people, news, and other categories.

You will then be able to drill down

Advanced Twitter Search

The advanced search functionality lets you specify a lot more criteria for your Twitter search term. You can search by user, search by mention, search hashtags, or even add geolocation.

This is much more accurate and useful than the default search. You will have to manually do this search every time you want to check for updates or get fresh results.

The problem with both of Twitter’s search options are that it requires you to go through a series of multiple steps, sift through multiple pages, and re-submit your search manually every single time.

We believe Twitter likes to increase page count, and provide more opportunity to see ad-friendly content by making you jump through hoops to use the searches.

It also may be intensive on their APIs and technical infrastructure, so discouraging users from pinging the search servers may also be a reason.

Using a Twitter Search App to Automate Your Searches

So, you don’t want to manually search Twitter to find your leads, get content ideas, stay on top of your brand’s perception, or manage other social media business processes.

If that is the case, then you will likely be researching various twitter search app options to build out a more efficient toolset.

Twitter Search App

List of Twitter Search Apps

  1. TwilertTwilert Twitter Search App
  2. TweetCaster
  3. SnapBird
  4. TweetScantweetscan twitter search app
  5. BackTweetsBacktweets twitter search app
  6. Twitter Spectrumtweet spectrum twitter search app
  7. TwopularTwopular twitter search app
  8. TweepSearch Tweepsearch twitter search application
  9. TweetMemeTweet Meme Twitter Search App
  10. Twit ScoopTwitScoop Twitter Search App

The Best Twitter Search App

Admittedly, we are 100% biased. Our Twilert Twitter Search App has been providing automated twitter search and monitoring services for over 10 years. We’ve helped tens of thousands of businesses.

We do believe we are the most robust, reliable, and consistent Twitter search app on the market.

There are quite a few apps out there and they all have their own set of bells & whistles. What we’ve seen is that a lot of twitter applications end up expanding their features beyond Twitter, and subsequently lose their vision over time.

This results in the quality of the service and reliability reducing over time.

Twilert allows you to

  • Create custom search criteria
  • Run searches 24/7 with 99.99% uptime
  • Get email alerts when new results match your criteria
  • Easy query builder
  • Actionable results – like, reply, or take action on the alert responses
  • Cost-effective

The Best Twitter Search App

Using a Twitter Search App to Automate Your Searches

We’ve explored a few of your options for applications that can help make your ongoing twitter queries more efficient. If you’re working in any professional capacity, you need to explore these toolsets.

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