Tweet Tools to Help you Dominate Twitter

Over seventy percent of users read the news on Twitter.

Tweet tools help these people do more than just read news.

Over eighty percent of SMB users firmly believe that it is crucial to provide customer service on Twitter; and Half a billion tweets are sent every day.

The Twitter world could be so much fun – that is if you’re able to avoid haters and trolls. Similar to other social media platforms, managing a Twitter account might consume much of your energy and time.

Fortunately, there are numerous Tweet tools available to make your tweeting experience more exciting and less stressful!

Some Commonly Used Tweet Tools

TweetDeck – Tweet Tools as a Swiss Knife

If you are too busy tweeting every hour on a regular basis, you may find the TweetDeck tool very helpful. It allows you to schedule any of your tweets beforehand.

Just choose the date and time, and then the tweet will be automatically posted for you.

Twitter Analytics

This tool proves to be an essential Twitter toll if you want to check how your number of following is improving over time or see which among your tweets are going well.

IFTTT – If This then Tweet Tools Champ

IFTT is an ideal tool if you want to auto-post from your blog. Your followers will be instantly notified once you make a new blog post, thus, promoting better engagement.

HootSuite – The other Kitchen Sink

Keep your social networking ideally organized with HootSuite. It allows users to publish posts for later, easily search profiles and set up lists in groups, among others.

This tool is also ideal if you happen to manage multiple accounts on Twitter.


Seeking to add Twitter followers instantly? TweetAdder solves the issue! It claims to help you add up to 150 new followers to your account each day.

What’s more, it automatically send thank yous and replies as well as pending and current date messages.

RiteTag – Tweet Tools Hashtag Hero

RiteTag could be the right tool if you want to find appropriate tags in an easy and fast manner. Look for a certain topic that interests you with the search function located in the page’s top-left.


This is a powerful, free social media dashboard. There are lots of excellent features available. Pull in RSS feeds, collaborate with other Twitter users with its multiple user settings, make reply campaigns, and more.


Want to see what is trending locally? Trendsmap does the job for you! It shows a world map with top trending keywords or topics from various regions.

There are tools for visualizations, alerts, and analysis based upon the keyword.


Known as the Google alerts for Twitter. It can also organize any term and notify regarding any Twitter activities. of course, we are incredibly biased since this is our tool.

We have the utmost respect for businesses and other apps in the space, but we believe we do twitter alerts best.

We’ve never lost focus and we continue to get results for thousands of users monthly.

Very soon we’re moving to a freemium tweet tool model that will allow you to experience twitter alerts without any need to pay a monthly fee.


Discover the perfect times to tweet using Tweriod tool. It takes into account when your followers used to tweet in most times and how good your tweets have performed.

Schedule your tweets at the most interactive time for better social engagement.

These Tweet tools are designed for research, efficiency, productivity, and a lot more.

You can easily see what is trending, automate, or schedule your tweets, learn what hashtags are popular, etc. Make Twitter perfectly work for you!