Twitter Tracking Tools

Are you looking forward to tracking any of your Twitter activities and tweets? Twitter tracking tools will help you have an idea how to do it.

Tracking your Twitter activities regularly must be done. This way, you’ll keep in touch with your Twitter account and can resolve any problem immediately.

Also, tracking other friend’s tweets or Twitter activities can be done to ensure and check their daily activities or happenings in life.

What are Twitter Tracking Tools?

Twitter tracking tools are used mainly to track any tweet or activity of a particular account. It is used to have an overview of the daily happenings of an account and other else.

This kind of tool can also help anyone to track or search a particular tweet or other content that must have any purpose.

It can be about the missed coronation night of a pageant, news updates about the storm, NBA, TV idols, and other else. Through this, people will stay updated, as well as well-driven citizens of society.

What do Twitter Tracking tools do?

Twitter tracking tools are used to track a particular tweet or content published on the platform of Twitter.

It provides users with an effective and efficient way of tracking and searching for a particular content without browsing a lot of related tweets.

It can deliver the user to the exact and sometimes related tweets or contents.

Twitter tracking tools provide users with an organized and coherent chart of the tweets concerning the keyword used.

Every inch of the related tweets is being provided to satisfy the users with what they need. Given this, here are the most used and well-known Twitter tracking tools used worldwide.

• Twitonomy

For the first and free one, Twitonomy is robust. It provides the users with an analytic about the tweets, replies, retweets, hashtags, mentions, and other else currently in beta.

It also helps in backing up the tweets to a spreadsheet, unfollow irrelevant accounts, and more.

• Tweroid

Depending on the time a tweet got sent or published, the number of retweets and comments are increasing. This Twitter tracking tool functions in a way wherein it can analyze both the feed of the follower and account owner.

It can then know if there are impacts from the tweets. Buffer- Twitter’s effective schedule planner can be accompanied to this tool to achieve more satisfying results.

• Twitter Counter

Another effective Twitter tracking tool is Twitter Counter. This tool functions through providing the user with an organizing and effective tracking device to track every activity of the account. This way, it can also visualize the next milestone for the account and comparison to other growing feed.

Why use Twitter Tracking Tools ?

Twitter is a social media site developed for effective communication. Due to it is in an online platform, risks can’t be avoided. Each account can be hacked by cybercriminals and use it for criminal acts.

Given this, tracking the activities and tweets in the Twitter account regularly can secure it from any harm. It can also let the user have deeper information about the relevant happenings across the world.