Delete Tweets Archive

Delete Tweets Archive

Deleting anything in Twitter is possible even tweets archive. If you are a long time Twitter user, you know that archive file that you will get from Twitter is zipped one. This contains several folders and files with your tweets. Upon downloading the archive, don’t touch or open this. It would be best to save this into your local system then choose this original file upon clicking “Upload Archive”.

Deleting Tweets Archive

Are you tired of being unable to see direct messages or old tweets? There are tools that can help you delete tweets archive easily. This tool allows you to browse and even search for tweets that you have already published to your Twitter archive. This tool is usually called eraser tool that is capable of deleting your tweets and tweets archive in a user-friendly, convenient yet powerful way.

With just few clicks, users can now find their best performing tweets from years back and search in for particular keywords , sync with this social media platform in order to get the most recent and up to date records of your tweets’ performance.

How to Delete Tweets Archive

In deleting tweets archive, the following ways can be taken:

  • Authenticate with Twitter Securely

You must sign in with the use of temporary authentication PIN taken from the Twitter website. It’s a secure and safe authentication method since this is an application that cannot access your password.

  • Load Twitter Archive and Choose Tweets By Date

Loading your Twitter archive in just few seconds is another important step to take even for archives with higher storage capacity. Once this archive becomes loaded, you can choose tweets by date (month and year).

  • Look For,  Filter, Examine then Choose the Tweets to be Deleted

In this particular step, you choose the tweets to be deleted. You can actually search for user mentions, keywords or even regular expressions. You will be able to see your great tweets first then jump to particular date and choose tweets or retweets only.

Why Delete Twitter Archive with a Special Tool

With the numerous solutions claiming that these can delete your tweets, it would be best to stick with an option or solution with guaranteed convenience, reliability and efficiency when deleting Tweets Archive.

There are many reasons to choose the best tool for deleting tweets archive such as:

  • Thousands of Tweets Can be Deleted

This is perhaps the biggest reason to delete Twitter archive with a special eraser tool. Regardless of the number of tweets, these can be easily deleted. You will sometimes be required to upload your Tweeter archive into a server to delete the tweets.

  • Privacy and Security

For ultimate security and privacy, Twitter archives are deleted fully in your computer. This simply means that there will be no important data from your own Twitter archive would be uploaded to other servers.

  • Performance

With the best tool to delete Twitter tweets, you are guaranteed with great clean up and thousands of tweets every minute will be deleted effectively in real time.

These are just few of the many good reasons to delete Twitter archive. Take time to do your research and you will discover more.