Digital Forensics

Do you know that the legal experts can now take help from digital forensics to submit authentic evidence in the court?

Twitter is one of the most popular tools legal experts use to collect evidence against someone.

Twitter enables you to conduct research more efficiently as compared to other social media platforms.

A vast majority of people often leave their digital footprints on different platforms without even knowing that these footprints can lead them to extreme trouble in the future.

However, intelligent people always use these platforms wisely and they think twice before publishing something on the internet.

The following information is designed for those who want to carry out digital forensics to collect evidence against someone.

So, without any further ado, let’s talk about the details.

Find Old Tweets

If you’ve used Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform, you’d agree with the fact that it’s almost impossible to find the old posts from someone’s profile.

Now, you may think that Twitter is also the same because we can’t find older tweets from an account.

The surprising fact is that Twitter allows you to find old tweets from someone’s account without having to pay a penny.

Twitter’s Advanced Search Tool is available for free and you can use this tool to find a particular tweet or a set of tweets from someone’s profile within a few seconds.

Once you’ve found the tweet, you must take a screenshot so you may present it during a legal battle.

If you think that your opponent will use the same method to delete the tweet from their profile, you can rest assured that the deleted tweets can be recovered whenever you want.

The legal team will take control of the account and they will then recover deleted tweets to see whether the provided evidence is true or not.

It’s an important part of digital forensics and it can help with strengthening your case.

Collect Videos and Photos

The beauty of the Twitter search engine is that it works almost similar to Google’s Search engine.

It means you can’t just search for text using their search box but you can also find the relevant images and videos.

Whenever you search for a keyword using the Twitter search bar, it shows you the top tweets that are a mixture of texts, videos, and photos.

If you’re just willing to watch the videos or photos, you can click on the relevant button from the top.

Another important thing about this search engine is that you can directly paste the photo in the search box to find someone’s profile on Twitter.

Twitter’s machine learning system is so advanced that it reads the impression of the face from the photograph and then shows you the relevant results accordingly.

You just need to drag a photo from your desktop and then drop it into the search box.

The search engine will automatically run the search as soon as you drop the image.