How Can Digital Agencies Can Effectively Navigate The Economic Down-Turn Related to the Unfolding Covid 19 Situation?

Corona Virus (COVID 19) has emerged as one of the biggest epidemic diseases to strike humanity.

It has already affected millions of people around the globe with an increasing surge of casualties. Similar to other countries, strict measures to control the spread of the virus are being undertaken in Thailand. 

These include: home isolation, social distancing, additional care with hygiene and increased home working; so that the spread can be prevented. Most industries have been adversely effected due to this disease with many businesses closing down in the wake of the pandemic.

There have been layoffs in organizations where remote / online working was not a possibility. Digital marketing has not generally been hit has hard as many other sectors that have suffered. There is also no doubt that it can help in improving economic outputs tampered due to this problem.


Online marketing is the only way to retain customer relationships

A lot of countries have ended up with massive business loses in highly productive sectors. Bangkok is one of the biggest hubs for cotton merchandise. People shop all year round and make purchases according to their budgets. 

In accordance with the preventive measures taken by the government, however, the public have been advised to stay indoors unless it is essential they go outside. How do cloth business owners get new customers and retain relationships with existing ones during times like these? Smart entrepreneurs seek a good SEO company in Bangkok so that they can strengthen the existence of their company website.  

You cannot expect customers to visit market places and see what you have to offer. Everything is being done remotely including purchasing things so the significance of digital marketing has increased on a major scale.

Provide latest product insights through videos and product sessions

Adding product related videos on the website can increase its SEO worth. In the current economic fall down, it is the only way to stay connected with clients. Include product videos as a part of the current digital promotion strategy.

Consult a professional SEO company to see how employing their services can help you in retaining sales, if not increase them. In this state of emergency, this is one of the only ways to interact with buyers. The videos can be labelled with valuable keywords so that your website gets ranked on the first page.


Beef up your social media presence and prevent economic losses

With people being restricted to their households due to security reasons, social media is the most prominent mode to stay aware of circumstances. Brands can easily mitigate loses and improve profit volumes by adding fresh content on Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and other platforms.

  • Posting content on social media accounts in the current situation is very different from what you need to do in regular conditions. Get hold of a good digital marketing company and plot a plan. Make sure that you pitch content in such a way that customers develop the interest to make purchases even in this tension stricken scenario. 
  • As people are mostly at home, you can conduct online contests and competitions. Offer discounts on purchases for the day. This strategy would provide you with two fold benefits. First of all, people would be encouraged to see what you have uploaded. Secondly, encouraged by discounts, many of them will make purchases.


With offices and work places shutting down due to the Corona health hazard, businesses are suffering a lot. Digital marketing can play a major role in combating economic downturns that are striking on a global scale.

If you are an entrepreneur operating in Thailand or any other country, get hold of the finest possible SEO company. Revamp your marketing model and switch to digital promotions to meet the current circumstances.