Tweet Scheduler

Tweet Scheduler

Twitter has recently announced an exclusive and newest tool, Scheduled Tweets. This is a useful tool especially for Twitter Ads users for this allows them to create Tweets and then schedule a particular time and date for the tweets to be delivered or sent out about up to one year in advance.

Amazing Things You Can Actually Do with Scheduled Tweets

Some may not know it but there are actually many amazing things that they can do with their scheduled tweets. Some of these are as follows:

  • Anticipation of Timely Opportunity

With scheduled tweets, you can tweet things two or three months from now. You can also create your Tweets now then schedule them to be delivered or sent in a particular time period.

  • Share Links

You might be following some accounts already. Accounts which share links many times every day such as to videos, blog posts, articles and other sources that they think followers will find valuable. By scheduling your Tweets, you will be able to add links into your account and schedule them on specific day. Throwing promoted links once in a while is also something that you can do.

  • Targeting Exact Geo-Time Zone

If you are living in a certain country but got plenty of followers in other countries, you may want to send tweets according to their time zone. However, you probably do not want to wake up late at night to do this.

Tweet Scheduler can be of great help to you. You can schedule your tweets without worry. You just need to write your tweets then set the time zone and it will be delivered while you sleep peacefully at night.

  • Testing the Timing Effectiveness

If you are really curious about the most optimal time to tweet, just use the Tweet Scheduler. Spread your tweets all over numerous times and then figure out the effectiveness the moment they are sent. If you notice the time certain tweet obtain more tractions, scheduled tweets will be sent around this time.

Why Use Tweeter Scheduler? 

There are many good reasons to use tweeter scheduler such as:

  • To Keep You Productive

Scheduling tweets with the use of Twitter Scheduler helps you become more productive. Think on how frequent you tweet.

  • To Ensure Consistency And Quality

Aside from making you productive, using tweet scheduler will guarantee the quality of your tweets and maintain steady presence on Twitter. Scheduling your tweets significantly include planning ahead. If you plan beforehand, you can confidently stick with your online strategies instead of tweeting every time or on the spot.

  • To reach Much Wider Audience

If you have regional or international audience, you will be able to reach more individuals at several time zones by means of tweeting at different times of the day. Even if you’re a business operating locally, your audience is more likely to check on Twitter many times instead of checking during work hours only. 

Tweet Scheduler is surely a thing right now and without a doubt, this tool can benefit you in many ways.