How to Delete Retweets

Are you afraid of people digging up on your account to find the tweets that go against your current beliefs?

Well, it often happens with people when they become popular on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Having a huge number of followers doesn’t mean that only your fans are observing your account.

Sometimes, the haters also observe the accounts of different personalities so they may defame them to satisfy their ego.

Although it’s not good behavior, there are people who feel happy by defaming others.

So, you must protect your account from these problems before they even occur.

Probably you’ve already deleted the tweets you published from your account but you might have missed the retweets because they mainly belong to someone else.

Why Would you Need to Delete Retweets?

Before we start talking about how to delete retweets, we’d like to answer the question that may appear in your mind about retweets.

People usually believe that retweets won’t make any negative impact on their personality because they belong to someone else.

But the fact is that the retweets can also create huge trouble for you if you didn’t remove them from your account.

Even if they belong to someone else’s account, their existence on your profile shows that you agreed with these thoughts at some point in your life.

That’s why you shared them on your profile. So, it’s important to delete the retweets as well.

How to Delete Retweets?

Now, let’s talk about how to delete retweets from your profile.


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