Reset Twitter Account

If you want to protect your Twitter account from unauthorized access, you must reset Twitter Account as soon as possible.

How to Reset Twitter Account?

Reset Twitter Account

When you’re resetting the Twitter account, you can update your phone number and email address to keep it safe from hackers.  You can also change other elements when resetting your Twitter account. Here are the tips you can follow when resetting your Twitter account.

Mail addresses and usernames are some of the basic pieces of information that allow us to log in to our social media accounts, so when we forget one of the two it leads to a great deal of trouble. However, whether you have forgotten your email or have changed the phone number you’re using for password recovery, we have a solution for you.


Changing Username and Twitter Handle

If you want to change your username and Twitter handle, you can click on the profile tab and then click on “Edit Profile” button. Here you’d be able to change your username and Twitter handle within a few seconds. However, you need to choose a unique twitter handle for your profile.

You can also change your profile picture and cover photo when you’re editing profile. There is no limit for changing your profile and cover photos. It means you can change the photo as many times as you want.

How to reset your password?twitter account reset

Whenever you reset Twitter account, you must consider changing your current password so that the account may stay safe from hackers.

If you are willing to change your password, you must go to Settings and Privacy after clicking on the “More” icon in the navigation bar. You can click on Password from the account tab to change your password. You’d have to enter your current password before you could add the new password.

This security check is supposed to protect your account so that no one can change your password even if they found your Twitter profile logged in on a device. Once you’ve added your current and the new password, you can click on the Save button to save changes.

You’d immediately receive an email from Twitter once you’ve changed your password on Twitter.

Reset Twitter Account if you forgot your password

twitter lock

Nowadays, we keep our accounts logged in on the devices we use regularly. So, we don’t have to enter the password every day to log into the account. The problem with this feature is that we often forget our password. As a result, we can’t log into our account when we log out from our account or when we shift to a new device.

This is where the reset Twitter account feature helps you out. With this feature, you can change your account’s password if you’ve forgotten your current password.

In order to access this feature, you can send an email to your email address or you can use your phone number to reset the account. You’d receive an email with a link that can be used to change the account’s password.

You can also choose to change the password with your phone number if you’ve attached your phone number to your Twitter account. You’d receive an activation code on your phone that can be used to change your account password.

These are the important ways you can use to reset Twitter account within a few minutes. You can also send us a message if you need help with resetting your twitter account.


We hope after reading this article, you are able to reset your Twitter account. After all, we have covered up each and every topic required to reset twitter account of yourself or anyone else that you want. In order to learn more such fantastic topics, you can try reading Delete Twitters by Year to help you delete the tweets that are not in concern for you.

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