How to Find Old Tweets 2018 Edition

Through the years, everything is advancing and progressing. Even social media platforms are upgrading, always updating bringing in new components into the site.

But those aren’t the only things that are updating. It’s time to learn how to find old tweets 2018 style!

The tweets from billions of people around the world are also updating.

Each day, around the world, there are billions of tweets posted every passing of the day. If you are truly immersed in the world of tweeting, imagine the tweets that you have accumulated every year. So we are going to learn  How to Find Old Tweets 2018 Edition

How to Find Old Tweets 2018 Edition

How to Find Old Tweets 2018 Style

Imagine hundreds or even thousands of tweets, and all those tweets that you have personally posted and those tweets that you have retweeted.

It’s the year 2019 already, and of course, you already have shared all these tweets in the twitter world. It’s time for all those new ones to hit our timeline.

But how about those tweets from last year?

Can you still read them or have any access with them? Do you still want to read them?

Those tweets that you posted or those that you retweeted? You lose hope because that was a year ago and you fear that you wouldn’t be able to find them anymore.

Don’t be sad. There’s an answer to every issue or problem.


Great news for you, I know a way you can access those tweets from the year 2018. If you want to laugh at those jokes again from 2018, then we have a way for you to laugh at them again.

Just make sure to follow these steps accordingly, this method is so easy that you would retrieve those tweets from 2018 in a blink of an eye.

There are things that you must remember first, the username and the specific date of the tweet.

If you have those, then you will not have any problems.

Type in your username if the tweet you want to see is from your account. If you desire to view a tweet from another person’s account, make sure that you know the surname of that particular person. In this case, let’s type in your username.

Once you typed what you wanted to use to find old tweets in the search tab the next in you want to do is to type the date.

Remember that you got to have the date. Make sure that you type the year or the date correctly, even though it was from last year you have to input it correctly.

After you punched those details in the search tab, hit the hourglass button, and you will see the different hits from the date that you have entered in your account.

This is your swan song for the ol’ “how to find old tweets 2018 -style” post.

Conclusion of the How to Find Old Tweets 2018 Edition

Take time to look for that specific tweet that you are looking for. If you are looking for another person’s tweet from the year 2018, type in the username of that person and the date that he made the tweet.

The same principle you would be getting the results from the period that you have inputted. Going back into the past is surely a fun thing to do with Twitter.

With the right input, you can go back into the year 2018, where you had those amazing tweets!

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