How to Look at Old Tweets

If you want to learn how to look at old tweets, realize the embarrassment and reminisce the memory, you can perfectly do that without the need of scrolling much that might consume most of your time and energy.

Some ways will enable you to look at your old tweets. If you have been using Twitter for a long time and you wanted to look for your tweets years ago, you can do easily do that job.

Twitter has been an important platform for most people nowadays. It has so many features that will enable you to love and enjoy using it.

You will worry less if you want to monitor your tweet activities, be an update of your favorite celebrity’s life and the status of the world.

You can check and look at old tweets of yours and someone else that is sorted for you to identify what you are searching for easily.

This article will give you guidance on what are the ways that will enable you to look at your old tweets.

How to Use the Twitter Settings to Look at Old Tweets

  1. Go to your Twitter account settings
  2. Look for the button “Your Twitter Archive” by scrolling down.
  3. Click on it if you have found the button.
  4. Twitter will email you a zip file with your full archive of Tweets in HTML form, and you can view it with the use of the browser.

how to look at old tweetsHow to Look at Old Tweets with Online Tools

All My Tweets

My Tweets allows you to bring up a list of your last 3,200 tweets. You need to sign into your account and start entering the needed information.

It will return a list of your old tweets. You also have the capability to filter the results to show with or without retweets. You can also enter other accounts to track.

Look at Old Tweets with Tweet Library

If you are looking for advances archiving, filters and collections, Tweet Library can be the best choice. Tweet Library is designed for iPhone and iPad users.

Tweet Archivist

If you don’t have enough money to pay for a tweet archive service, you can use Tweet Archivist. Tweet Archivist enables you to have free searches.

  1. Using Twitter’s search syntax, e.g., from: your username.
  2. A return list of matching tweets will be displayed.
  3. There is analytics such as volume, frequency, and so on included in the list.
  4. Save the search or share it. It will be updated continuously until you delete the search.


If you are looking for support to back up your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Picasa, Gmail, and others.

Backupify can help you with that. With Backupify, you can get a free account with a maximum of 1GB storage. You can archive your tweets for a lifetime with 140 characters each. If you want more storage and regular back-ups you can pay for accounts.


This is a web application that is user-friendly, free, and open source that comprises all the activities in your different social networking sites.

Thinkupapp stores the information in your server, and you are assured that they will value your privacy.

This is a private cloud solution that should enable your company to retain social media data without risking leaks. Hackers will not like this one!

Tweetkeeper – How to look at old tweets 3200 at a time

Save your tweets with this web application. Tweet Keeper gives a return list for the recent 3200 tweets.

Aside from learning how to look at old tweets the manual way, this is an app to look for. If you want to have full access and look for your older Tweets, you can use this application.

However, keep in mind that if your account is super active, you will need a professional tool. Twilert’s old tweet tool should help you get rid of tweets beyond 3,200.