Look up old tweets

Who would not love to be part of the social media world? Twitter is among the social media sites that people are getting more hooked.

From the latest events to most anticipated celebrity news, you will stay updated. But you may need to go into the past account history to look up old tweets.

You may want to review or delete those aged twitter posts. A more positive use case would be that you want to see which posts. were most successfully in your account history.

In every Twitter update you make, to take an effort to make it creative and interested. However, do you feel worried about your old tweets?

Are you planning to look up old tweets and retweet them today?

Well, you came to the right place!

Look Up Old Tweets: Find Effective Methods

In this post, your plan to look up old tweets can be possible. Besides requesting for your tweets archive or using the Twitter Advanced Search, there is more possible way to look up old tweets.

This means you can be sure that you can have a complete list of your old tweets and determine whether you give your best shot on them.

look up old tweets
find those historic tweets by using a tool like Twilert

Consider A Mass Deletion of Your Tweets

There are times that you may have already downloaded the entire tweet archive or used the Twitter Advanced Search, but you cannot still look up old tweets.

So, the next big thing you can do is to consider a mass deletion of your tweets.

Cardigan offers a free mass-delete of your tweets. Using your Twitter account, sign into Cardigan, and click “Get Started.”

Next is too pressing the “Tweets” button which you can find under the “What do you want to delete?” section.

After that, Cardigan will show you the last 3,200 tweets free of charge. It will charge you 99¢ for every 10,000 older tweets.

After selecting the “Fetch for Twitter,” the Cardigan will import all your tweets. However, you can hit the “Refresh” button if the page fails to update automatically.

Then, you can start browsing your tweets. Click a particular tweet for you to select it and then, click “Deleted Select” so that you will be able to delete the selected tweets.

Try Using Wayback Machine to Look Up Old Tweets

In case the tweet you want to see is already deleted, the Wayback Machine will be your life-saver.

You can begin by going to /web/ and type the Twitter page’s complete URL.

Then, press “Browse History. Although Wayback Machine will not archive each of your tweets, it will provide you the screenshots of top Twitter pages that are organized by year and by day.

We did this for Twilert’s Twitter account. In the image below, you see that the wayback machine has saved our account at a few dates.

wayback machine twitter archive
Looking up our old tweets in wayback machine

Select the year you want to see your old tweets in the timeline and then, click on the date range. That way, you can see the Twitter page screenshot on that exact day.

We selected the March 2015 date from the calendar page, and voila! We have a view of what our old twitter account page looked like in 2015. Amazing!

twilert's old twitter account
What our twitter account used to look like


Commonly, the Wayback Machine will let you see the old screenshots containing the first 20 tweets. However, you cannot scroll down to see your older tweets.

If you are serious about seeing your older tweets, there are always easy ways for you. All you need to do is to try the above methods, and you can easily browse for your old tweets from the specific year or day.