Search for Old Tweets

Most business owners utilize social media sites like Twitter to improve their brand awareness.

It can put a particular brand in front of not just thousands, but millions of users across the globe.All businesses need a social media audit. One of those core audits is a search for old tweets.

This will find any tweets that could become public relations nightmares

search for old tweets
They actually posted porn from their corporate account! NO!

Other than using Twitter for business purpose, for sure you want to have a Twitter account for interacting virtually with other users while staying up-to-date of the latest happenings.

Twitter has a lot of things to offer, from creating new friendship to starting a business to exploring the social media world.

How Do You Search for Old Tweets?

But, with all your tweets daily, are you not curious what were your old tweets. Are not interested in search for old tweets? If yes, then you can try the following methods.

The best way you can do to search for old tweets is by collecting the available information you have. For you to see all your old tweets, you can go to your timeline and try to scroll back.

If you have thousands of tweets, you can opt to use the search bar which you can find at the top of part of Twitter.

Then, you need to search “from: username” for you to get a list of all your tweets from that particular username.

However, if you find this method not useful, there are several parameters you can try and do your search for old tweets successful.

Search for Old Tweets By Keyword

If you want to search for your older tweets but you are not sure of the exact tweet you are looking for, you can search for it by keyword. Meaning, you need to type the keyword in the search box instead of typing the username.

This kind of method will display the tweets you have sent that contain the keyword in a chronological order. For best results, you can start by selecting one keyword and use other keywords if you find the first one not useful.

User queries to Search for Old Tweets

Searching for old tweets where other users have mentioned you in a tweet is possible. You can make the search by typing “from: username@username of another user.”

You can opt for this search method if you wish to find the tweets of your customers, or you want to see your previous conversation with other users.

Use Date Range combined with User Query to Get Accurate

Although the fastest way to search for old tweets is by using the username or the keyword, you can also try searching with the help of date range.

By typing

“from: username since: yyyy-mm-dd until: yyyy-mm-dd,”

you will be able to access all your old tweets from the particular time frame.

So, make sure that you have an idea of when you have sent the tweets you are looking for.

There you have it!

With the above easy methods, you have nothing to worry about your tweet history.

You always have the opportunity to search for old tweets; all you need to do is to remember several details, and you can finally find them.