SEC 8K Alerts on Twitter

So, you’re investing money in different companies through the stock market and want to stay updated about the growth of the companies you’re investing in.

Well, you need to activate SEC 8K alerts on Twitter so you may get the latest information about the progress of different companies.

Stock market investment is one of the most complicated investments because you need to understand plenty of things about a company before putting your money in.

I see a number of people who believe that technical charts are enough for making the most of their investments.

But believe me, the technical charts can never help you with achieving the ultimate success in this market.

You need to go through the fundamentals of the company so you may make sure that you’re investing money in a safe place.

And that can only happen if you’ve activated SEC 8K alerts on Twitter.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about how you can activate these alerts within a few minutes.

No matter whether a company is starting a new plant or they’re planning to file for bankruptcy, you’d immediately get alerts on your phone about their recent progress.

Thus, you can invest or take out your money on time so you may get to enjoy the benefits.

Go To Twitter Advanced Search Tool

The Twitter Advanced Search Tool can be accessed with just a single click but many are unaware of it.

You need to search for any keyword using the Twitter Search bar found on the top right corner.

The Twitter will open a new page showing results for the search term you entered.

You don’t have to worry about these results because they aren’t useful for you at all.

You need to look for the three dots in front of the search bar and then click on this icon.

It will open the drop-down menu where you can find the Advanced Search option.

Once you’ve clicked this button a window will open on your screen.

Enter the Keywords

This is where the magic begins because you now need to enter the keywords you’re willing to get alerts for.

Now, this method doesn’t only work for SEC 8K alerts on Twitter but you can use it for other purposes as well.

However, when you’re activating for SEC 8K alerts on Twitter, you need to enter the relevant keywords and hashtags.

And don’t forget to enter the keywords in the “Exclude Keywords” section if you don’t want alerts for tweets containing particular words.

Now, press enters and you’d start getting alerts for your targeted keywords whenever a tweet is published with those terms.

Follow the Edgar Account

You can also follow Edgar account on Twitter because updates about the progress of these companies are also shared on this account.

Make sure that you activate the alert for Edgar account as soon as you follow them on Twitter.

Twitter will then start sending you alerts whenever a tweet is published from Edgar Account.

It will also keep you updated about the changes taking place in the entire stock market.