Socialert is an advanced hashtag tracking tool that can add a new life to your social media marketing campaigns. The marketers can now monitor the presence of their brand on social media while monitoring the reach of their hashtag campaigns more accurately. You can also use this tool track the performance of different Twitter handles.

There are many other benefits you can enjoy with this hashtag tracking and keyword analysis tool.

What you can do with Socialert?

In this article, we’re going to describe some important benefits of this tool. By the end of this post, you’d be able to decide whether this tool is useful for your marketing campaigns or not. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some useful features of this tool.

Twitter Analytics

No matter whether you need to track twitter hashtags or Twitter handles, Socialert can accommodate your needs quite efficiently. You can easily monitor the hashtag reach and metrics with this tool. The reason why we love this tool is that it allows you to track the viral content of different Twitter accounts.

It shows detailed information about the top hashtags and followers of the Twitter account you’re monitoring with this tool. Thus, you can build a better marketing strategy to promote your business on Twitter. Understanding the preferences of your targeted audience has become a lot easier with

The tool sends instant alerts whenever a user mentions your brand and keywords on Twitter. You can also analyze the Twitter accounts of your competitors to monitor their progress. This tool is going to help with understanding the marketing strategy of your competitors.

Instagram Analytics

Instagram is quite a popular social media platform among youngsters. If you’re targeting customers on Instagram, you can use this tool to monitor the likes and comments of different users. The tool shows a detailed report of the posts that performed better than the others. You can also monitor the top-performing posts of your competitors to improve your strategy.

The best thing about Socialert is that you can find the leading influencers of your industry. The tool lets you know if an influencer is already associated with your competitor. Thus, you’d only reach out to the influencers that can add value to your business.

Facebook Monitoring

No matter how old Facebook has become, it’s still one of the leading social media platforms. And you might lose a lot of potential customers if you didn’t use this platform. Fortunately, Socialert provides a detailed report of your Facebook page so you may stay engaged with your followers.

It shows information about the average likes, comments, and shares of your Facebook page. Moreover, you may track the performance of your competitors and avoid mistakes that have damaged their reputation.

The interesting thing about Socialert is that it gives you the opportunity to choose the best time for publishing posts. Thus, you can improve your engagement rate on Facebook. The scheduling feature of Facebook is a lifesaver for those who can’t stick to the computer throughout the day.