State Elections on Twitter

It’s really easy to monitor State Elections on Twitter rather than watching live Updates on TV.

I mean who has the time to sit in front of the TV for the whole day.

Everyone is now busy with their day to day lives and nobody has the time and stamina to watch the TV just to see the results of state elections.

I know you’re thinking of Youtube because you can easily access the news channels using this medium.

But it can still be very time consuming and it will make you feel tired after just a few minutes.

You can’t keep listening to the same thing again and again especially if it’s about the election.

On the other hand, Twitter doesn’t make you feel bored at all.

It gives you the freedom to enjoy your life and it only sends you a few alerts depending on your preferences.

If you’re a journalist, you’d definitely wish to get alerts every few minutes but the average people only like to see a few updates about the elections.

At this point, Twitter can help you out because it shows you the tweets that are worth your attention.

Here, we’re going to describe the process you can use to monitor State Elections on Twitter.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Monitor Local Trends

When we create an account on Twitter, it automatically starts showing us the trends for the country we’re living in.

The average users rarely worry about changing the location because they’re satisfied with the trends they get to see about their country.

But when it comes to monitoring state elections on Twitter, you need to change your location to get updates about local elections.

Changing the location isn’t difficult at all.

If you’re using Twitter on your desktop, you’d see trends on the right side of the screen.

Right on top of this section, you’d see the settings icon. Click on this icon and then change your location.

Right after updating the location, it will start showing the trends that are ranking in that particular area.

If you’re using Twitter on a smartphone, you need to click on the search icon and then click on the settings to change your location.

It’s the easiest way to monitor State Elections on Twitter.

Follow the local council’s Twitter Account

The local councils also actively provide updates about the elections.

These updates are more authentic compared to those of news channels.

Therefore, you must consider following the account of your local council to get the alerts.

If you can’t find the local council’s account on Twitter, you can give them a call or visit their official website to see the account details.

You can click on the Twitter icon on their official website and it will automatically take you to the Twitter account of the local council.

Make sure that you activate alerts for this account during the election days.

And once the elections are over, you can turn off the alerts with just a single click.