Track Twitter

So, you’re still struggling to find out how to Track Twitter while promoting your products and services?

Well, you’ve already left far behind because there are companies that are taking advantage of this technique for years. And they’ve achieved excellent levels of growth by just tracking Twitter analytics. Twitter tracking gives you an idea of whether your campaigns are bringing any fruitful benefits to you or not.

Social media is a mysterious island where you can’t survive unless you have found the spells that are designed for your survival. We’re regularly sharing valuable information with our readers so they may appear as a successful business on Twitter rather than losing their strength.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about how you can track Twitter analytics when you’re promoting your products and services on this amazing platform.

Best Way to Track Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics tool is the perfect option for users who want to track Twitter for the growth of their business. You just need to visit the extension to take a look at how well you’re performing on Twitter. This extension basically provides you with a detailed report of your account’s growth on Twitter.

The extension doesn’t only provide you with the overall report of your profile but it also enables you to monitor the performance of different tweets accordingly. And you won’t have to explore the tweets in this extension. you can simply click at the small icon that appears at the bottom right corner of all your tweets.

When you click on this icon, a new window pops up on your screen showing the performance of that particular tweet. Initially, it shows only two parameters to define the progress of the tweet. But you can click on view all engagements to get an idea of how users interacted with that post.

Track Twitter with external tools

Without any doubt, the Twitter Analytics extension is a powerful tool to monitor the performance of your tweets. But it doesn’t show many important parameters that can boost your growth on Twitter. So, if you’re concerned about monitoring additional elements, you must take help from external tools.

These tools regularly collect information from your Twitter account to keep you updated about the steps you need to take in the future. The reason why we recommend using external tools is that they give you a detailed analysis of how your competitors are performing on Twitter.

So, the chances of outranking your competitors are ultimately increased when you use these tools to track Twitter.

Tips to choose a tool

If you want to track Twitter with an external tool, you’d have to keep an eye on some important factors. First of all, you need to take a look at the elements you can track with the tool. Secondly, you need to see if they have a security certificate or not. The reason why a security certificate is important is that you’d have to attach your account to that tool.

So, your account will be at risk if you ended up choosing the wrong tool. Also, it’s important to check the pricing plans for the tools before you make a purchase. We recommend using a trial version of the tool as it gives you real-time experience of how the tool can serve you in the long run.