Trump Tweets

One of the most followed and popular personalities in Twitter is President Donald Trump. When Trump tweets, they received praises and controversies, which awaken the interests of his country and even of numerous people from different parts of the world. The ratio is strong, and the reactions are stronger. Never before have we seen such an instantly polarizing figure on a public square setting like social media.

Trump Tweets

Trump highly considered Twitter as one of his favorable ways to communicate with the public during his candidacy. This did not change since entering the esteemed White House. He was among the most frequently mentioned US elected official and most tweeted about world leader.

He frequently relies on social media, including Twitter, to make comments about daily news, celebrities, and other politicians. Often, Trump posts controversial statements. In a poll made by Fox News on June 2017, about seventy percent of respondents stated that the tweets of President Donald Trump were putting damage to his agenda.
While in the UMass Lowell poll in January 2019, around sixty-eight percent of respondents with age ranging from 18 to 37 stated that Trump tweets too much.

Trump Tweets via Twitter are President Donald Trump’s Best Friend

Even if you spend less time on social media, you possibly know that Trump spends plenty of time on Twitter. You may wonder how often he tweeted all through his 1st year as the US President. Well, you might get surprised upon knowing the actual number.

His tweets are probably among the most followed especially by those in the US and by people who want to keep on track of the latest news and events in the region.

How many times has Trump tweeted since becoming President?

Trump’s candidacy was announced at Trump Tower on the 16th of June, 2015. Since then, he was reported to send a whopping 9,146 total tweets from his personal account. These also include his retweets. All through the 6 months before the inauguration day, he tweeted 1,837 times. From the 20th of January until the 20th of July, 2017, President Trump appears to pull off around 1,002 tweets.

As Trump’s initial year wears off, he spent more time tweeting. The last tweet he sent from his own account on the first anniversary of his presidency was a plug for the appearance of Eric on Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine. Most of his tweets were about praise for Pirro and encouraging citizens to watch her show during his one year.

Who is the man behind the President’s Twitter account?

Trump Tweets via ScavinoAs a President, we cannot expect Trump to tweet frequently due to his busy schedules. To keep people updated about the country and related important news, a social media manager appears to be taking the position. Dan Scavino is the Assistant to the President and White House Director of Social Media.

He was involved with the presidential campaign of Trump and later on February 2016, was appointed as the campaign’s director of social media. Scavino has stated that he sometimes tweets for President. He takes Trump’s diction while ensuring the tweet has the same style and detail to that of Trump. While he does the social media job, he ensures that the President reads everything.

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