Want to bring your Twitter marketing to the next level?

You should consider using Twazzup today. You’d be surprised to know that the Twitter search results you can get with this tool are far more accurate than the internal search engine of Twitter.

Twitter is not just about publishing tweets and following relevant people. It can bring you more effective results when you engage with the users at the right time. Fortunately, you can now find engagement opportunities with Twazzup within a few seconds.

This tool can offer you a better experience when you’re trying to promote your brand on Twitter. Here are the reasons why we recommend using Twazzup for your business growth on Twitter.

Real-time Updates

The best thing about this tool is that it enables you to stay aware of the changes that are taking place in your industry in real-time. You won’t have to press the refresh button time and again to find the new tweets. This tool automatically updates the new tweets with its scrolling feature. The new tweets keep appearing on the screen whenever someone publishes a tweet with your target keyword.

The speed of the scroll is usually slow which enables you to read the entire tweet. However, if you’re targeting a hot topic, you’d have to reduce the speed of the scroll otherwise, you’d miss a lot of opportunities. You can easily reduce the speed by pressing the button that appears at the bottom of the scroll section.

Popular Tweets

Twitter’s internal search can also show you the popular tweets about a specific keyword. But the special thing about Twazzup is that it shows you the tweets that have the potential to get popular over the next few minutes. So, you can engage with the people under that tweet to spread your voice to as many people as possible.

We strongly recommend this feature for the business that are willing to find networking opportunities and marketing exposure on Twitter. In fact, you can also use this opportunity to increase the word of mouth traffic.

Find Photos in Real-time

Twitter’s internal search displays a mix of text and visuals when you search for a specific keyword. But Twazzup displays the relevant images separately. And these images keep updating as new tweets are published with the relevant images. So, you can engage with those people to improve your brand awareness.

Ten Keywords Associated with Your Search

Now, here comes the reason why bloggers and businesses consider using Twazzup for their business. This feature suggests ten relevant keywords based on the keyword you’ve searched for. You can use these suggestions to find tweets that are related to your industry. And you can also use them when you’re choosing hashtags for a post. Thus, your message would be heard at a larger scale.

Most Popular Links

If you’re looking for viral marketing opportunities, the most popular links can be the right option for you. With Twazzup, you can explore the most popular links in real-time. When you publish these links on Twitter, you’d get more retweets from the people. And your brand will become popular among people who aren’t yet aware of your brand.