Twitter Social Media Tracking App

With the help of innovative technology, many Twitter social media tracking app concepts have been developed for the benefit of businesses.

From managing retweets to scanning twitter for sales leads, this becomes a smorgasbord of options that can fulfill any business need.

How a Twitter Social Media Tracking App Can Help

Using the Twitter Social Media Tracking App can help to improve your business operations in the following ways and more:

  • Understanding more about monitoring and listening – Social media tracking allows you to discover the difference of social listening and monitoring. Social media monitoring is the collection of social messages into a single stream.
  • It can also take action in response to a message like a comment, like or tasked message. On the other hand, social media listening queries a huge number of social messages from particular topics or keywords that can allow your brand to reflect and make analysis from these actions through topic affinity or sentiment analysis.
  • Connect more with your potential customers  – It cannot be denied that customer service is crucial for the success of every business. With this, you must develop valuable techniques to improve your customer support. Fortunately, Twitter Social Media Tracking App can help you with this matter.
  • Thus, it allows you to be more approachable to your target audience. Through social media, you can directly connect with customers and offer them the best accommodation for their needs.
  • Stay updated with a brand-relevant message  – With this social media tracking tool, you can stay updated with the opportunities wherein you can engage with your clients. You can receive brand-related messages. You can also answer the inquiries from your customers directly.
  • Improve your marketing campaigns – One of the best advantages of a greatsocial media tracking app is that it enables you to keep your marketing campaigns organized. You can save a brand keyword and filter the Tweets having that particular phrase.

Check out this twitter monitoring app, which helps get you real time updates of terminology, hashtags, mentions, and much more:

Twitter Social Media Tracking App
Twitter Social Media Tracking App

Meanwhile, if you want to get the best Twitter Social Media Tracking App, you can choose one from the following Twitter monitoring tools.

Potential Twitter Social Media Tracking App Options

Mentionmapp – it helps you to explore hashtags and new people. It is an extraordinary platform that makes a map of hashtags and users according to your search.

Tweetreach – you can view real-time stats for a searched term.

Warble – with this app, you can receive tweets according to topics. It comes with a clean interface which allows you to navigate on the dashboard quickly.

Twilert – with this tool, you can have filtered tweets on your inbox. You can get valuable emails about your competitors, brand, hashtags, and more.

TweetDeck – it can help you in managing different streams. You can manage well different feeds. It will update you as you log in.

Additionally, it can filter your search according to criteria including keywords, usernames, lists, and more. You can also make a reply, like, schedule posts, retweet as well as shorten links.

Mention – you can find influencers, track mentions, and manage your Twitter with this app. It can track any keyword. It can help you track tweets by filtering it according to location, language, and sentiment.

With Twitter’s social media tracking apps, you can improve the marketing strategies of your business.

Twitter Social Media Tracking App Conclusion

As a results of all of the above items, it is conclusive that you need to find the right tool to track social media posts for your business.

We are admittedly biased – we hope you consider Twilert as a tool you can use to track twitter and beyond.