So, you’re ready to enjoy the magic of BackTweets?

But wait a second? Are you aware of the wonders Back Tweets can do for you? Well, you might have heard some crazy things about this tool. But there are tons of other things you need to know before you start using this tool. The brief introduction of this tool is that it is designed to build a highly effective marketing campaign on Twitter based on several Keywords.

This tool has quite an impressive history. We know history is quite boring for people but we won’t make it boring here. So, the tool was released by a company called BackType in 2009. And it got really popular among businesses. But the company shut down its services in 2011 because it was purchased by Twitter. However, the site went for auction in 2012 and was purchased by Sorezki Ltd.

It’s also worth knowing that it was a premium tool when it was initially launched by BackType. But Sorezki Ltd. launched it for free and it received plenty of appreciation. BackTweets is still available for Free and you can use it to set your marketing campaign accordingly.

How BackTweets can help you?

We hope history wasn’t so boring. But if you found it boring, we beg your pardon because it was important to share the history of this tool before we could move further. Now, let’s dive into the details of how you can use Backtweets to build your marketing campaign.

Finding the Number of Links

There are some search operators that marketers usually use to get an overview of how many times a link was mentioned in the tweets. And then they spend a lot of time observing these tweets to see how efficiently the link is used in the tweets.

It’s a time taking task and it sometimes doesn’t show the exact number of links used in the tweets. The beauty of is that it provides a detailed analysis report of how many times a link was used in the tweets and how effectively it worked. And the interesting part is that the results are generated within a few seconds. It means you can save a lot of time with BackTweets.

Monitor Mentions

Now, here comes the interesting part of the story. has now started providing details for mentions as well. So, if you want to monitor your performance or your competitor’s performance on Twitter, you can use this feature to get an idea. With this feature, you can explore all the tweets where a specific account is mentioned. Thus, you can respond to all the messages more efficiently.

Monitoring Hashtags and Queries

The Twitter campaigns become far more effective when you have complete data about different hashtags and queries. And that’s what you can enjoy with Back Tweets. You can now find effective hashtags that can bring more power to your marketing campaign.

The reason why Backtweets is highly recommended for users is that it’s available for free. You should also start using this tool to keep an eye on Twitter analytics if you have a tight budget.