gocardigan tweet tool

Gocardigan tweet tool is a lifesaver for every other person who wants to delete old tweets in Bulk.

This tool is designed for celebrities who have a huge following on Twitter.

The celebrities usually spend their lives like average people before they start getting popular.

Once they become popular, they get surrounded by a huge number of fans and haters as well.

The haters are usually the competitors who are jealous of their success.

These haters often use dirty techniques to defame celebrities.

They’re eagerly willing to find something that can be used against the celebrity.

And your old tweets can provide them with enough support if they go against your current stature.

Old Tweets are Easily Accessible

It’s recommended that you delete these tweets from your account as soon as possible because these tweets are easily accessible.

You may be thinking about how can someone access my old tweets while I’m not even able to find them even if I scroll down my profile for hours.

Well, you don’t need to scroll down your profile to find the old tweets. You just need to learn the Twitter Advanced Tool and you’d easily be able to access old tweets.

It doesn’t only help you with accessing your own tweets but you can also access tweets of other accounts.

So, you must consider removing them from your account instead of living in a fool’s paradise.

How Gocardigan Tweet tool can help you?

Although you can manually delete the old tweets from your account, we won’t recommend doing it because it will take hours to remove tweets in bulk.

Yes, if you’re just willing to delete one or two tweets from your account, the manual process may be helpful.

Similarly, if you have enough time to delete the tweets separately, you can continue with the manual process.

But if you don’t have enough time, we’d recommend using Gocardigan Tweet Tool.

First of all, you need to create an account on their website and then activate the membership.

You need to connect this tool to your Twitter account so you may easily delete the tweets once you’ve explored them.

There are different columns in this tool that help with filtering out unnecessary tweets.

You must have an idea of keywords and hashtags you used in those tweets.

The tool enables you to carry out the research using these keywords and hashtags.

The tool also gives you the opportunity to select the duration so you may only see the tweets that were published during a particular time period.

The relevant tweets will appear on your screen once you’ve pressed the search button.

You’d see a checkbox with every tweet that can be used to continue to the next step.

You can either select all the tweets using the checkbox shown at the bottom of the screen or you can select the tweets separately.

After selecting the tweets, you need to click on the Delete button.

The tool will ask you for confirmation and then it will remove the tweets from your account.

Depending on the number of tweets, it may take some time to delete all the tweets you’ve selected.