Best Time To Tweet

Best Time to Tweet

Twitter is a fast-paced and popular social media platform which demands users to think beyond more than what they are posting. Timing is particularly critical. In order to get the most of your strategy in Twitter, you must learn to use proper timing to your big advantage.

You need to:

  • Figure out the major components of engagement in Twitter
  • Learn more about the best time to tweet based on recent and existing researches
  • Learn running your experiments to figure out the best time to tweet
  • Discover other related activities

You have written an amazing tweet. It might be witty and relevant but when will you really post it? The time you tweet is actually as imperative as what you actually post on Twitter.

When is the Best Time to Tweet?

The busiest peak hours are during workers’ break around 5 pm- 6p.m while they are on commutes and traveling back home. This shows increase in the number of users of Twitter actively on the online network.  There are tools that can track your followers on Twitter such as Twitter analytics ad other to track data of your own followers and find the best time to tweet based on the interaction by the audience. In such way, it will be easier for you to determine where your followers are as well as the time zones for best time to tweet respectively.

Optimal tweet time is said to be between 12 to 3 pm while 5 pm is found to be the peak time. Noon time of Wednesday and 5 to 6 pm are best time to tweet and it is also highly suggested to experiment with the 2 to 3 am, 6 to 7 am and the 9 to 10 pm. Though working days are better, there are certain types of contents that are likely to have bigger audience towards end of the week.

The 12 pm, the 3 pm or the 5 to 6 pm time are especially suggested if you are seeking to increase the retweets.

According to some experts, there is an increased engagement during weekends. 5 pm is also a great time if just like most individuals; you aim for many more retweets. It is also not advised to tweet between 8 o’clock in the evening and 9 o’clock in the morning.

Finding the Best Time to Tweet

You can possibly determine the perfect time to tweet by means of running some simple experiments which will be further analyzed with the aid of Twitter Analytics. Twitter has its own reliable analysis tool which is very useful. Free tools are available to every user of Twitter. When you initially visit and explore your analytic page, you will obtain high-level summary on the performance of your posts over several months.

Visiting your tweet activities will enable you to witness how your posts actually stack up based on the 3 major metrics tracked by Twitter. These are engagements, engagement rate and impressions. With this information given to you, it would be easy for you to determine the best time to tweet.