Twitter Follower Tracker

Do you spend hours looking for followers who have followed or unfollowed you on Twitter?

Why don’t you use Twitter Follower Tracker to save your time and effort?

I bet you can’t keep a track of all your followers even if you spend hours every day.

In fact, you can only keep a track of those who are currently on your followers’ list.

So, what would you do about the ones who’ve left you after a certain period of time or the ones who aren’t participating in any tweet?

You need to take some serious steps about these accounts because they can affect your reputation on Twitter.

We recommend using a Twitter Follower Tracker as it gives you the opportunity to monitor followers and non-followers within a few clicks.

Benefits of Twitter Follower Tracker

In this article, we’re going to describe the benefits of Twitter Follower Tracker and we’re pretty sure you’d happily integrate a follower tracker into your business plan after knowing these benefits. So,  without any delay, let’s take a look a the benefits of Twitter Follower Tracker.

Monitor Followers

The most important benefit of these tools is that you can monitor followers that are consistently engaging with your tweets.

These followers are basically your fans that require more attention than others.

What usually happens is that the account holders often can’t pay serious attention to their fans in the struggle of winning more fans.

So, they continuously follow new uses on Twitter to grow their fan base.

And they spend most of their time monitoring whether these new accounts are engaging with their tweets or not.

As a result, their regular fans become disheartened when they don’t get a response to their contribution.

Thanks to the Twitter Follower Tracker that lets you respond to these fans so they may help with growing your fan base.

Monitor Unfollowers

It’s almost impossible to find the unfollowers on Twitter especially if you have a huge fan base.

Usually, the new users follow popular accounts on Twitter to get a Follow back.

And when they get a follow back, they simply unfollow that account to grow their position.

These accounts may affect your reputation on Twitter because the algorithm thinks that they didn’t find anything interesting in your account.

As a result, it will stop showing your posts to the accounts that have similar interests.

Therefore, you should immediately unfollow these accounts to stay on the safer side.

And it can only happen if you’ve integrated your Twitter account to the Twitter Follower Tracker.


You must also be trying to grow your fan base by following other accounts on Twitter.

If you don’t get a follow back from these accounts, it’s totally a waste.

You must set a limited period of time to unfollow these accounts if you didn’t get a response from them.

Twitter Follower Tracker sends you an alert on the set date so you may unfollow those accounts if they haven’t followed you back during that time.