How To Delete Twitter Account

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Usually, the users don’t pay attention to deactivating their accounts because they don’t understand the consequences they may face afterwards. If you think your account will be automatically deactivated if you didn’t use it for a few weeks, you must be mistaken because the Twitter account remains active unless you delete or deactivate it from the settings.

The guide about how to delete twitter account can easily be accessed with your Twitter. But some users cannot access this page. Therefore, we’ve prepared a detailed guide to help you with deleting your Twitter account.

Why it’s important to Delete Twitter Account?

Twitter can be useful, informative, and − whisper it − even pretty uplifting at times. But it also has a habit of bringing out the worst in people. If you need a break from the micro-blogging site, the good news is that it’s very simple to delete Twitter. Better still, if you have a change of heart within 30 days, you can resurrect your account. However, once that period elapses, your Twitter account will be gone forever.

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Before we take a look at how to delete Twitter account, we must highlight information about why it’s important to delete your Twitter account. So, let’s get started:

The inactive accounts are the perfect target for hackers who want to use Twitter accounts for different unlawful activities. Sometimes, they will use your account to spread false information. Moreover, experienced hackers can use your account to hack a celebrity’s account. It may lead you to severe problems in future.

Some hackers try to grab the financial information of different users with inactive accounts. In these situations, you’d be considered responsible unless you’ve proved that you weren’t using the account. It’s highly recommended to delete your Twitter account so you may stay safe from serious consequences.


Things you should know before Deleting Twitter Account

There are certain things you need to understand before we talk about how to delete Twitter Account.

Sometimes, the users want to delete their current account so they may change their username and email address. If you’re deleting the account for the same reason, you don’t need to delete it at all. You can simply visit your account settings to change your username and email.

If you think you’d be able to use this email for a new account after deleting your current account, you must be mistaken. Twitter will automatically activate your recent account if you used the same email to create an account in the future. You can only change this email for a new account if you changed the email id before deleting the account.

How to Delete Twitter Account?

We must now share information about how to delete twitter account.

You need to click on the dropdown menu under the profile icon. Then click on the Privacy & Settings Button. You can find the “Deactivate your Account” button at the bottom of Account tab. Before Deactivating the Username, you must consider reading the account deactivation information.

You’d have to enter your account password in order to go through the security check. After entering the password, you can click on the Deactivate Account Button.

What if I deleted my account mistakenly?

If you accidentally deleted your Twitter account, you can recover it within 30 days. All you need to do is to log into your account and then click on the Activate Account button to access the features of your Twitter account.

And that’s what happens when you know how to delete twitter account. To have a better idea about other Twitter-related articles, click on this link. 

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