How to Look Up Old Tweets

Akin with the significant number of people on earth is also a vast amount of social media users.

This article will help you fully grasp how to look up old tweets. With the progression to the internet age, people are more immersed in the utilization of these social platforms.

Twitter is one of the booming social media sites that billions of people love accessing.

Through here, they can share anything they want without limits. Do you want to share a joke?

Then you can tweet on twitter, share your laugh with billions of people around the world.

Do you want to share your opinion on a particular topic? Then Twitter is one platform that you can use to let other people hear your opinion.

Twitter is all about “tweeting,” people are so immersed in tweeting that they tend to cover up their old tweets with new ones.

Then they would remember about that tweet but would find it hard to look for it again because it was covered up by other new tweets.

How to Look Up Old Tweets

What must you do to look up those old tweets again? Do you miss those jokes that you’ve tweeted?

Or do you want to look back on those tweets that you have shared recently?

There are ways that you can use to look up those old tweets again.

If you are that type that is diligent or not a people who tweet a lot, then maybe you can scroll down and look for that specific tweet again.

But if you are that person who spends almost every day on Twitter and tends to tweet a bunch of time, then scrolling is not the method for you.

Do you want an effective way and efficient way? I’m pretty sure that you don’t want that tedious process of scrolling so there is one way that you can use.

If you ever want to look back on those old tweets, then you can use a feature that Twitter has and it is called Twitter Advanced Search.

Twitter advanced search is a miracle for those people who have the desire to look back at all those old tweets.

The first thing that you want to do is to log into your twitter account of course, then immediately go to Twitter’s advanced search.

how to look up old tweetsThere you will see different descriptions. You might want to go to “people.” Type in your username or the username of the person that tweeted you want to look up to.

Make sure that you don’t know the character “@” and type it beside the “from these accounts.”

After that, you want to go to dates and type the date that Twitter was made. Right after, results would start filling in.

There would be top, latest, etc. If you want to view the recent tweets from the period, click the latest tabs.

There you will find the tweets from that period, and you might find the specific tweet that you desire to view.

Everything is made easy. You don’t have to scroll your way down and waste a lot of time.

With a few magic clicks, you will have a complete view of how to look up old tweets by viewing the tweets from the person and the date that you’ve entered.

Happy tweeting!