Mention Alerts

Mention Alerts on Twitter

Twitter lets you tweet, retweet, view, follow, connect, and reply with other people. Tracking your account and its associated mention alerts can be a little bit difficult as it is, however, if you are an active one, then you can check if someone is mentioning you into something. With over 500,000,000 tweets per day, you’ll need some strategy on how to filter these results.

Mention alerts are alerts that will notify you in anything that uses your name or brand on Twitter. Mentions are considered as another term for replies, which the tweet starts with @ symbol.

There are two types in using the @username. The first one is when you tweet and use the name; the twitter will interpret it as a reply and will be directly sent the message to the person and posted on its feed. The second one is when you use the name in a different post or a post; then it will be considered as a mention. When the @username is included in a tweet that is also visible not with the person but also anyone can see it.

Mention Alerts
Mention Alerts

Mentions can be viewed in different ways. If you are the sender, you can view it in your profile page in the public tweets. The recipients can see it in its notification tabs that are accessible by them only. Also, the mention appears on its timeline if they also follow the sender. Anyone who follows the sender can also see the mention in their timelines.

How to get notified if you are mentioned on a tweet?

There are different ways on how you will be got notified on twitter like:

  • Notification tab – you can view who mentioned in a post by checking it in your notification tab. There is two way kind of notification, first is the notifications about having new followers, retweets, likes, and mentions on your post or account. The notification message about a person who mentions you only show a tweet that they mention in a post. There is also another location or suggestions notification that you might want to check relevant on what you are searching or looking for.
  • SMS Notification – pushing notifications up to your mobile phone to get updated on the latest news and activities in your twitter account. By merely adding your phone number in your account and activating the SMS notification to let the twitter message about some updates.
  • Tools for tracking mentions or a notification appTWILERT twitter search alerts  is also notification app that is twitter based which sends out a notification to you about what is happening or who like, follow, retweet or mention you on twitter.

Mentions alerts are the same as the other notifications. The only difference is that when someone visits your timeline account, they will not see who mentions you.  If they are also following the one who tells you which the post can be seen on their timelines, to check if someone has mentioned in a post, see your notification tab for the details. And if you want to be notified even if you are not online, you can also add and activate your phone number to receive notifications.