With more than 500 million active users of Twitter, it is now considered as an overpowering platform for you. ManageFlitter looks to solve that.

And as you can see, managing and trying to keep your account in Twitter is a perplexing task.

Making sure that all your followers are relevant, useful, and will follow you in return are all considered as awful lot activities.

These can be easily swept away beneath the carpet.

What is ManageFlitter and How to Use it in Cleaning Your Twitter Following?

Fortunately, the ManageFlitter has a feature that can solve your problem. This is the free and easiest unfollowing tool in Twitter that will allow you to manage people you are following.

All of your followers were listed and grouped in a way that will give you clearer perceptions about those who are valuable to follow, and who are not.

How to Use ManageFlitter

To start utilizing MagaeFlitter, you are required to go directly to their website. Once there, you are required to sign in your account on Twitter.

For you to perform this, ensure that your Twitter account was already signed in on your preferred web browser.

After that, hit the “Start button” on the homepage.

After that, you are in need to connect the ManageFlitter with your Twitter account. To do this, hit the button “Connect to Twitter.”

Next, you will see the unfollowing features of ManageFlitter. The page for unfollowing will enable you to look for the users you follow but, the one that is not following you in return.

You can also choose various users in your list and prepare to unfollow all of them at a single click

.After selecting your desired ready-to-unfollow Twitter users, you can now hit the “Unfollow x Selected” button.

But before clicking it, you can still deselect the popular and verified active users of Twitter.

Also, the ManageFlitter will enable you to see all your followers in numerous methods, allowing you to unfollow several accounts varying upon your reason.

For instance, with the use of the left-hand sidebar, you can see several accounts that are spammy, quiet, talkative, inactive, non-English, and more.

Every page will also enable you to see who of your followings are listed in such category, which will help you to unfollow your selected accounts.

Pros and Cons of ManageFlitter


  • Connecting your Twitter account is easy and quick.
  • It will enable you to see and unfollow useless and spammy Twitter accounts easily.
  • Its user line is very easy to access and detailed.


  • The tools may sometime take some time to load every detail of your Twitter account.
  • The app will only enable you to unfollow your selected Twitter accounts with a minimum number of 100 daily.


To sum it up, ManageFlitter is a simple yet powerful web app that can give you an ideal job in terms of using your Twitter account.

ManageFlitter will also help you to determine and unfollow your following, which is not following you in return.