Do you want to do some tweet searches in your account? SnapBird can help. Have you seen the old tweets of people you used to know?

Do you want to visit your friends’ account and do some digging with their Twitter account? Well, you don’t need to scroll and scroll to do the searching.

Snapbird Twitter ToolThere is an effective tool that will provide convenience to you. You can free your fingers from the lethargy of manual searches, save your energy and time.

So, if you want for the best experiences, it is a must for you to choose the best tool suitable for your needs.

SnapBird (

One of the service layers eminent to Twitter is Snapbird. The main service it provides is to search where Twitter’s personal search facilities that you won’t expect.

In order to use it, you are required to hand the service access to your account on Twitter. It has limitations in terms of Twitter service.

It asks for a complete and comprehensive read and writes permissions. Still, you are guaranteed to your Twitter account is safe as you hand it to this twitter too.

You are assured that no one else has the power to access your account aside from yourself.

With SnapBird, you are allowed to work on advanced searches in your Twitter account.

Twitter Services of SnapBird

You can do the searches the way you want. You can have complete details and be able to search what you are looking for. You can do searches such as:

  • Someone’s Timeline
  • Someone’s Likes
  • Your Friend’s Tweets
  • Tweets Mentioning You
  • Direct messages
  • Favorites Search

Note: To avoid rate limits, the software of SnapBird asks tweets in large bulk.

Where do you start your search?

If you want to search for public timeline, you can do it in Twitter Search but not in SnapBird.

You can also search in your friend’s timeline, direct messages you made, and any user’s favorite.

You won’t experience any difficulty once you use SnapBird since the controls are easy to use and very accessible.

SnapBird: An effective Twitter tool

To start using Snap Bird, you have to verify your Twitter account with the app. This is not a problem since once it is already verified, you go back to its website and do the searches you want.

You have a lot of option in terms of searches, and you can even specify the person you want to do the searches.

The results can also be permalinked as the web app works on the searches and show the outcomes. Just simply enter the searches to view the content and associate it to your tweets.

Snap Bird Twitter SoftwareIt is a useful tool if you want to take the full advantage of the potential of your searches.

But this app is not that perfect, and some issues can be encountered, such as longer search, and it takes a while to display results when you search for complex ones.

You can now free yourself from the frustrations of manual searching and be able to enjoy the results in a very convenient way.

SnapBird allows you to search while still maintaining the safety of your Twitter account.

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