We all know that the usage of hashtag is very perplexing. And I know that you don’t have enough time to assess it and choose the best one for you.

RiteTag is a service that launched the hashtag grading that will provide you the services called instant grading of hashtags.

RiteTag will also offer you various features, including the assessment for the usage of tweets and schedule your hashtags.

What is RiteTag all about?

For your information, you can use RiteTag and hashtag grading for free. It also comes up with several features that are designed for those customers who usually fee for the premium plan.

This hashtag tracking tool has the characteristics that will help you to accumulate the best hashtags.

ritetagAnd one of the most favorite features of RiteTag is their automatic hashtag grading system. You can access RiteTag through your Firefox or Chrome extension; your preferred hashtag will be graded by the use of color-coding.

The red-colored icon represents “overused,” green for great, blue for good, and gray for unused.

What is the good news? Well, you can see the exact grading system of your hashtag when you start composing it.

And with that, you will not use other websites to check it. You can use whether the site of Twitter, the website, the Tweet button, or the extension for you to accumulate your desired tweets.

If you are a user of the Premium Plan, you can also utilize the Hashtag Grading with the use of Buffer or other services of third-part Twitter.

How to Utilize Hashtag Grading System of RiteTag

The following steps will help you to utilize the hashtag grading system.

You are required to sign up first at the website of RiteTag,

After that, you need to copy the RiteTag Chrome Extension
You can now start accumulating your hashtags. You can create your desired tweets with the use of website, Twitter website, Tweet button, and the extension.

The RiteTag is responsible for giving you the on-time grading of your desired hashtag. When you start creating your hashtags with the use of the extension or website, you need to hit the #✓ symbols.

This will help you to know the hashtag grades that you prefer.

There is no need for you to use various websites or perform distinct research for you to examine the different hashtags you have been used for you to determine which hashtag is the best.

On the other hand, you are also free to use the Analytics for you to see what hashtag is the best for you to use, in spite of their grades. To do this access the Stats page to know the effective hashtags that you can use in your Twitter account.

You can also utilize it with the extension by hitting the My Top Performing Tags button.

Once clicked, you can see;
Typical number of hashtags favorites,
Typical number of hashtags re-tweets,
Typical number of hits, and
An exact number of how many times you used your hashtags.