Monitor TwitterSmarter Hashtag

Monitor TwitterSmarter Hashtag helps everyone in every sort of way. If you’ve tried to keep up with a Twitter Chat in the past, you know that you need to be active and at a screen so you don’t miss out on the live feed. However, sometimes you may not be able to participate in the live Twitter chat, or you may simply want a better digest of the conversations that you can filter through. We’ll help you Monitor twitterSmarter hashtag (#twittersmarter) with a few of these tips and tricks.

Monitor TwitterSmarter Hashtag with Manual Search

Unlike Instagram, there’s no official / default way to set up notifications to follow hashtags on Twitter

Manually searching for #twittersmarter is the first and most obvious step to see hashtags. You’ll notice that if you enter #twittersmarter into the default search at the top of your Twitter mobile or desktop app will return all sorts of information related to twitter smarter, including most recent conversations regarding the term. Digital Marketer and leader of the #twitterSmarter hashtag @MadalynSklar , the Social Media Influencer , is bound to show up in most all of your searches.

Monitor TwitterSmarter Hashtag
Monitor TwitterSmarter Hashtag

If you want to see just conversations with the hashtag, you’ll need to click into the “Search Filters” option and specify that you want to only see the conversations that include the hashtag

Alternatively, you will need to explore Twitter’s advanced search to actually search the hashtag directly. You should find some great conversations there.

Monitor TwitterSmarter Hashtag with an Automated Alert Tool

Outside of having your face in your screen during the conversation or manually searching the hashtag in Twitter, you may find that you need to step away for some reason. However, you still want to see the conversation in an easy to read format instead of sifting through Twitter’s UI.

Example of #TwitterSmarter Hashtag alert
Example of #TwitterSmarter Hashtag alert


Setting up an automated alert for #TwitterSmarter will help you with a few things:

  1. The alerts will be stored and filterable inside the alerting tool
  2. If you are not available during the chat, you will be able to capture the conversation and review it later
  3. If there are conversations occurring outside of the chat timeframe using the #twittersmarter hashtag, then you will be able to see those
  4. You’ll get a batched set of the alerts sent to your mail inbox .
  5. You can group the alerts by week,day, hour, or 5 minute timeframes – this is really helpful as a digest of the conversation instead of barrage of live notifications
  6. Use your imagination – there are probably a few more benefits we havn’t even thought of


Fully Automate Monitoring of hashtags, keywords and more

If you’re following along in a lot of twitter chats, you may want to consider a monitoring solution that can update you wherever you are. If you need to have a pulse on a conversation on twitter, then you may find that Twitter’s default search and notification toolset leaves a lot to desire. You may miss out on a lot of long tail conversations if you’re not available to stand by twitter during the live chat. We’ve built a tool to help you set up this alert for free:

This automated monitoring tool helps you out with monitoring all the necessary tweets or information that you may find crucial for you and your work.


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