Monitor AgChat Hashtag

Monitor AgChat hashtag #agChat on Twitter in various levels of granularity with this set of useful Twitter Chat tips. This is one way you can ensure that you’re in #TwitterSmarter camp of social media participants and not in the class of users who are still on Chapter 1 of “Twitter Chats for Dummies”.

Note: We’re inspired by the @SCOPEinsight account and seeing what they’re doing gave us the idea to write this article to help out our highly appreciate Agriculture-centric customers. Follow them now!

Monitor agChat hashtag the old fashioned way

To watch any search term or hashtag, the simplest way is to use twitter’s standard search bar. Just go to the top right of twitter and type in “#agchat” – you’ll see a feed of the most recent conversations using that tag, and potentially some accounts that are the primary contributors or sources of the conversation.

Search the agChat hashtag
Searching for the agChat hashtag

This gets you started, but you will need to dig further if you want to specify some extra criteria like who the tag is coming from, or where they’re located. Use Twitter’s Advanced Search to get a little more fine tuning like so:

Monitor agChat Hashtag
Monitor agChat Hashtag

You can automatically monitor agChat hashtag with the right tools

So now you’re probably thinking – wow, if I have to do any of that over and over again I will be spending more time searching for the conversation that participating in the agChat Twitter Chat. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t provide any functional automated monitoring out the box. So, are we stuck?

  • What if you can’t be around during the chat?
  • What if you forget that the #agChat is happening?
  • What about just getting a digest of the chats for the day?
  • How about wanting to read them in email instead of on Twitter’s clunky mobile app?

Well, we can do this if we leverage some tools at our disposal.

Let’s step up our game.

Your first #agChat monitoring task is to log in to this tool for free

The fastest way for all the results is to just set up your alert exclusively for the #agChat hashtag like so:

Set up email alerts for the agChat Hashtag

After you set up the alert, you’ll then get an email digest of all the conversations. This tool doesn’t miss a single tweet, unlike some other professional tools out there.

Set up automated alerts to track any hashtag in Twitter Chats

Manually monitoring a Twitter user, a hashtag, or a specific type of conversational term without automating it is definitely a tedious process. Beyond hashtags and Twitter chats, you can monitor ANY account, hashtag, or text term with a tool like Twilert.


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