Search Twitter By User

If you want to search Twitter by User, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will describe the methods you can use to find results according to your needs. Normally, we use this option when we’re searching for a friend on Twitter. The easy way to find someone on Twitter is to search for their Twitter handle.

But you may face problems within finding a profile if you don’t know the Twitter handle of a person. The popular accounts can be found by carrying out a simple search. But if you want to find a common account, you’d have to make some struggle.

How to Search Twitter by User?

Let’s take a look at the methods you can use to Search Twitter by User.

If you’ve ever wanted to look back on your prior Twitter history and find an old tweet, you know that finding posts from weeks or years past is much easier said than done. That’s because initially Twitter didn’t provide an easy way to search old posts. Sure, you could manually download your entire archive, but who wants to sift through thousands of tweets that way.

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Find Profiles

Search Twitter By User

If you want to find the profile of a person, you need to search for their name in the search box. Now, click on the “People” tab. It will show you the profiles of people that have the name you’re looking for. However, you shouldn’t take a look at these results because you’d most probably not be able to find your desired profile here.

You need to click on the icon that appears with the search box and then click on “Advanced Search” in the dropdown menu. Now, you need to choose the location of that person in the window that has appeared on your screen. Now, click on the search button, and you’d see the profiles that belong to the area you’ve selected.

Search for Tweetstwitter sand

Sometimes, you might have to Search Twitter by user when you need to find special tweets from a person. Usually, we use this option when we want to use a tweet as a reference. If you’re looking to use a recent tweet as a reference, you can simply go to that person’s profile and then search for that particular tweet.

But if you want to search for a tweet from the past, you’d have to use the advanced search feature. This feature enables you to choose the words and phrases that were used in the tweet. You’re also allowed to choose the date if you’re familiar with the date when the date was published.

This feature is really helpful when you want to expose a politician. The politicians keep changing their statements with time. But you can now keep them accountable by using this amazing feature of Twitter.

Search Twitter By User: Find Videos and Imagestwitter bird

You can also Search Twitter by User if you want to find a video or an image on Twitter. Whenever you search for a keyword on Twitter, the popular tweets appear on your screen. You can click on the Image/video tab to find results that belong to the keyword you’ve searched for.

You can use this process if you want to search for Twitter by the user. Simply, go to the image/video section and then click on the advanced search. Then add the name of the person whose tweets you want to explore. It will only show you the images/videos that person has published with the keywords you’re looking for.


So that’s all about Search twitter By user. As you have gone through the article, we hope that you have had a full understanding of twitter Search Settings and how does it work. If you are interested in learning about Twitter Search and how to make it work on a different medium, you can have a look at Search Twitter by Location and understand how twitter search works when integrated with the location. This is quite simple and very easy to understand.