TweetDeck will provide you a more suitable and easier experience in using Twitter by giving you the chance to see numerous posts of your followers and followings in just easy steps.

TweetDeck is composed of the arrays of advanced characteristics that will allow you to have the best of Twitter.

You can schedule future tweets, control several accounts on Twitter, accumulate collections of Tweets, and many more.

You can access TweetDeck by Mac app store and For you to utilize TweetDeck, you need to follow these steps.

How to Use TweetDeck?

The first step that you need to perform is to begin your journey using the tool is to go directly to the, or you can access it with your desktop application for Mac.

Next, you need to sign up with your account on Twitter. We highly advised that you utilize your account in Twitter that you use personally.

After logging in, you are now advised to join your account and the several numbers of Twitter accounts.

Remember: if you utilize the previous versions of Mac desktop application, which is older compared with Mac: 3.5.0, you cannot log in or create your Twitter account until you get the updated version of a desktop application.

How to Connect Numerous Accounts with TweetDeck?

The first step that you need to perform is to hit the “Accounts” button that you can see in your navigation sidebar.

After that, hit the “Link another account you own.”

And, read the notes that you will see for you to know that you will accumulate a team relationship account that you will add. After that, hit the “continue” button.

For another window, you are required to sign your email or username as well as your password and hit the button “Authorize.”

After doing the three steps, you are now ready to access the we application.

How to Remove Your Twitter Account in TweetDeck?

The first step that you need to perform is to hit the button “Accounts,” which you can locate at your navigation sidebar.

For you to increase your preferred names of Twitter accounts that you want to delete is to hit the “down arrow.”

Hit the button “Leave team” and check it by hitting the button “Leave.”

Remember: You cannot remove your Twitter account that you signed in with it.


How to Manage Several Numbers of Twitter Accounts on TweetDeck?

Select your default account;

You are free to choose your default account in one of your multiple Twitter accounts. And this default Twitter account where you will accumulate your Tweet, such as your Tweet from and leave a reply to your Tweets with. To do this;

On your navigation bar, you can see the button of “Account” and hit it.

By hitting the “down arrow,” you are allowed to expand your Twitter account that you want to set as your default account.

Fastening on the options for “Default account.”


TweetDeck is one of the helpful platforms that you can utilize while you use your Twitter accounts. When you do this, you will feel more relax and comfortable while you start accessing your account on Twitter.