Track Brand on Twitter

Twitter, like other social media accounts, is taking advantage of the audience.

They are having these businesses account to promote their product and at the same time keeping their customers on track with their service.

Most of us need to track brand on Twitter, and there are different features present for the specific application or

If you are a regular user on Twitter and you seem to look for a brand that will suit your needs, then you can keep in track of the brand. An example is searching for some mentions on their account.

But if you have your own brand and you just want to track it directly with the use of your personal account, it is possible.

It comes very common for other people mentioning brand accounts or brand name to endorse them. 

Make sure you do everything right and you could become a popular brand like these

An example of using a tool to speed this up

Before you dig into the steps we outline, we just wanted to let you know that TWILERT automates all of this for you.

Here’s an example of how it looks in our app:

Track Brand on Twitter
Track Brand on Twitter

It sometimes comes with a website or link and even pictures or gifs on the actual post. This is made to give popularity to the brand. Usually, when brands are mention, they do not notify. 

Or simply, there are no notifications that you will receive or for both parties, both you and the brand account.

It goes with the name, and when a person did not quote or tag the actual account, then it can be unseen. 


To see or find the brand tweets on twitter here are some steps that you can follow to achieve your track brand on Twitter goals

Track Brand On Twitter: A few simple steps

First is to make sure that you are logged in to the account to be able to do the actions.

This lets you have the freedom to spy on different accounts. Usually, brand accounts or names come in public since they want to endorse their product.

Monitor Company on Twitter –  If you are a regular Twitter user and finding a certain brand, you can first try to search for their username. Almost all details can be found in this area since it is already their feed.

A quick note about brand mentions

Some tweets made for them are where they are mentioned usually noticed and sometimes retweeted.

So there is no worry about it.

But on some events, you can search their name such as for example; “Brand Name,” and there are several tweets that will appear on your search. This lets you see all the mentioned tweets of the brand.

If you are the user of the brand account, you can do the same thing.

The only hustle that you may encounter if the tweets are protected or the one who tweets it has a private account. But other than that, it is possible to keep on track of them. Like others, you can have Twitter analytics or the dashboard for specific information.

Automate brand tracking with Twilert

Some use specific application or tools to help them track faster and accurately.

They let the use of a twitter tool in where they connect it to their account and lets it configure all the actions done in your account. It has specific functions that are not available on the Twitter application.

A great example of a twitter automation tool is Twilert.

With our tool, you can track any variation of your brand’s terminology, hashtags, or conversations happening around your brand. If you’re looking to monitor products on twitter, we have some more information to help you build a larger presence for your business.

If you need other operations like reviewing old twitter accounts, delete twitter likes, or other historical operations for accounts, we also have a tool for those procedures.