Tweet Monitor

Twitter is one of the social media platforms popularly used nowadays.

It helps the users to express themselves, get advanced news and updates, and to know what is happening across the globe.

Tweets have been flooding Twitter every day. With Twitter and setting up a tweet monitor you’ll be able to get alerts and have real time visibility into relevant data for your business.

It is the main part of any social media manager to create an excellent Twitter monitor report.

Twitter enables you to monitor Twitter accounts and other hashtags that may found very easy responsibility.

It is essential to use the right tools to feel the convenience in monitoring twitter activities perfectly.

What is a tweet monitor tool?

A monitoring tool provides relevant information that enables you to know what happened across the globe with the use of hashtag and monitor activities you have participated.

With the use of a monitoring tool, it will be easier for you to monitor tools effectively since it provides a list of tweets you want to monitor.

It’s your job to choose the right monitoring tool that will help you do the job efficiently.

An example of using Twilert as a Tweet Monitor tool to search for Social Media Managers:

Tweet Monitor
Tweet Monitor

Monitoring tweets

1. Simply log in to Twitter and click the button “Search” that you can find at the top of the site. Once done, type the word or phrase you want to monitor, and press enter on the keyboard.

It will load for a moment and right after, a list of tweets containing the word or phrase you searched appears.

2. You can use a hashtag (#) to search for the tweet monitor functionality.

This is an easier way to find the results of tweets you want to monitor.

3. By clicking the “Gear” and selecting “Save Search,” you’ll be able to save the search you need as a reference. If you want to search again, just click the search box.

The list of your saved searches will automatically appear on the screen efficiently. The maximum searches you can save are 25.

4. If you want to delete a saved search, click the “Search” button that can be found on the top of the site.

There, you can select the saved search you want to remove from the list by clicking the “Gear” icon and then choose “Remove Saved Search” that can be found from the drop-down menu of the page.

Here are other ways to monitor tweets:

Tweet Monitor the activity of a Twitter account using the advanced search

If you want to monitor the Twitter activities, you’ll have to use one of the advanced search commands and monitoring tools in Twitter that will enable you to do so.

Using the right type of search can be very useful to be aware of the history of an account, and the tweets will be sent by an account in a one-shot report.

Track with the use of URL

With the use of a URL shortener, you’ll be able to track relevant links and monitor interactions that have done on Twitter.

Monitoring tweets will enable you to be aware of the waves of opinion in this type of social media platform. The good thing is, it is easy to do the job.

It will be easier with the help of a trusted monitoring tool. So, remember to choose the best one.

Monitor Tweets

You’re likely looking for the right tool to monitor tweets for keywords, hashtags, or any other type of conversational metric.

At Twilert, we have developed a tool to help businesses of any size set up customizable alerts based on any criteria.

These alerts will constantly scan Twitter and send you emails whenever your queries are triggered.