Tweet Tunnel

Tweet Tunnel will offer you helpful features that you can’t find in any platforms, even Twitter itself.

  • Long Tweets – tweets that can exceed 140 characters.
  • DM All – will send Direct Messages for each of your followers.
  • First Follower – will show your following and followers from the very start.
  • Photo Gallery – will show you the background images and present photos of each user of the Twitter platform.
  • Circle of Friends – will enable you to determine who is engaging with others and with whom.
  • Old Tweets – will allow you to see the earliest tweets of your followers or following.
  • Message Box – you can send messages for your non-followers Twitter users.

What Is Tweet Tunnel?

Tweet tunnel ( is an old, non-functioning twitter tunnel tool to allow you to do a few extra things that Twittter could not previously accomplish.

Is Tweet Tunnel Still working?

We tried it, but found that : No, tweettunnel is not working right now.

What are Some Tweet Tunnel Alternatives

There are twitter tools for nearly every use case you can imagine. Since we run a an old tweet tool and twitter listening tool, we will show you


Twilert has been around since about the same time as TweetTunnel. It serves a slightly different purpose and acts as more of an enterprise twitter monitoring solution, but some of the features overlap.

Twilert offers a “Free forever” twitter alert.

This means you can monitor twitter with thier tool for free.

They generate revenue when users upgrade to their professional plans.


Tweettunnel AlternativesSearch Your Own Old Tweets

If you need to simply review the old tweets in your account, please check out our free Old Tweets Tool.

You can search, filter, and find all of the tweets in your account in any date range. This lets you find tweets for yourself or your clients that may cause issues if taken out of context.

Some of this was possible in Tweettunnel, but since it’s kind of broken, check out our old tweet tunnel capabilities.

Track Twitter

Our primary tool, active since 2008, is the Twilert Twitter Tracking Tool. It is 100% free to use for a single daily tweet. You’ll get notified any time a user tweets

Click Here to Start Tracking Twitter with a customized daily alert for Free, Forever

Other Info About Tweet Tunnel

Privacy Policy of Tweet Tunnel

What information does it Require?

The information collected by the app is from your Twitter account in which you allow the site with the application access authorizations. You are also entitled to visit the site of tweettunel anonymously.

Google is considered by the as the third party vendor. It requires cookies that will serve as your site’s advertisements.

Google also uses the DART cookie that will allow it to work as advertisements to Twitter users depending upon their frequent visits to the different sites accessed with the Internet.

Some users will choose the usage of DART cookie through Google Ad as well as the Content Network Privacy Policy.

How Tweet Tunnel Use Users’ Information?

Any information gathered by the social media application from your Twitter account tweet tunnelmight be used in two different ways.

Your information is being used to customize your personal experiences.
Your information is also used to offer you with ease and functionality on your account on Twitter.

Your information is being collected by Tweet Tunnel for them to give you better response and satisfy all your needs.

Do Tweet Tunnel Uses Cookies?

Yes, tweettunnel old tweets tool used to utilize cookies from the very start. Cookies are the tiny records that a service provider or site is being used to copy your computer’s hard drive Web browser if you enable it.

The service provider or the site systems will be allowed to determine your used browser and remember and record your info. Tweet tunnel old tweets tool

The site uses cookies to know and earn your info for your or their upcoming visits to you or their sites.

Did TweetTunnel Reveal User Information to Outside Sites?

The tweetunnel app did not trade, sell, or transfer your personal information to the other parties or outside sites.

And these parties do not include the trusted and reputable third parties of TweetTunnel, which assist them in giving you their services, conduct a business, or operate the website of TweetTunnel.

But these third parties and Tweet Tunnel agreed that all of your information would be confidential.

Tweettunnel will also reveal your personal information if they think that it is right to obey the rules, protect their safety, property, and rights, or implement site policies.

On the other hand, the identifiable or non-personally information of visitors may also release to the other sites for advertising, marketing, and more.