How to See Your Old Tweets

Out of all the social media platforms that have been developing for years, only a few are advancing and improving.

One of the most famous is twitter. It is the most used social media platforms that are used by people today.

Learning how to see your old tweets will be covered after this short introduction.

Through here, you could be updated with the latest trends in news, fashion, entertainment, and sports.

And this can be your platform in sharing your thoughts and ideals. Truly the twitter is a sage that is open for all people of different ages and sex.

Tweeting is one of the feats that Twitter has; through this, you will be sharing your opinions or insights about something.

Do you want to share a joke? Then tweet it. Or do you want to make a point?

Then Twitter can be your way

But after days or weeks have passed all those tweets will be covered by your new tweets. Consider those tweets to be old.

However, even though they are old you would still want to look at them but are you finding it hard to look at them again?

How to See Your Old Tweets

The chances are that you are experiencing the same problem with other people around the world. They can’t seem to find a way to look at those old tweets again. Fortunately for you, you’ve come to the right place.

You don’t need to scroll down anymore. Besides, you will be limited only to the 3200 tweets that you have made.

You will not be able to see the other tweets that are older.

One way is using the advanced search. Twitter has this feature where you can search all the recent tweets that had been made.

how to see your old tweets
Use Twime Machine to see your old tweets

To kick-start, your search period, access Twitter Advanced Search.

Under the “People” tab, you need to enter your username or other people’s username depending on the tweet that you are searching.

After you have typed the username, go to the “dates” tab and enter the specific date of the tweet and then click search.
Twitter will then provide with the top results of the tweets that you’ve created on that date.

If you want to see every tweet on a particular date, click the latest button. There, you will be finding the tweet that you desire in that period.

But if you want the archive to all of your tweets, then there is a way, but you have to wait though depending on the size or amount of the tweets in your archive.

Go to Twitter settings, under it, find “content” then you will be finding the description “Your Tweet Archive” beside it is a button where you will be clicking to request your archive.

Twitter will now then prepare your archive.

It will take minutes or even hours, depending on the size

After twitter is done preparing, they will send you a link that your archive is ready for download.

After you have downloaded it, you may now access all the tweets that you have made starting from day one.

These are ways for you to be able to see all those tweets that you have been craving to read again.

You would be able to read all those jokes, read all those interesting quotes that you have retweeted. With the right steps, you can easily look for them with a click of a button.

If you want to look at automating the process, you may want to search for professional tools.

These twitter monitoring tools will help you manage the twitter accounts of your clients, brands, or products. Check out our Old Tweets Tool to learn how you can automate this cleanup process.