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So, you want to stay aware of a particular hashtag or topic on Twitter?

Twitter Alert is the best option you can use in this regard. This feature also lets you know when a specific person tweets. The purpose of writing this article is to describe the importance of Twitter Alerts and how you can use them for your benefit.

Why you should use Twitter Alert?

Before we start talking about how to use Twitter alerts, we must take a look at why you should use these alerts. So, let’s get started.

Twitter wants its users to use its live features more. So, it’s encouraging them to stay updated about when there is a live stream that the would be interested in. If a user follows certain accounts – like Bloomberg, the NFL or other content creators that have broadcasting deals with Twitter – they will also get an alert.

To set the notification, a user will have to go to an account and press the notification button. This can be found right next to the follow button. A “account notifications” card will then pop up and the user will have to press the “only tweets with live video” option.

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Better Engagement

Social Media is all about growing engagement with others. The businesses that are willing to grow their sales must be prepared to respond to someone as soon as they Tweet. And Twitter Alerts are the best way to stay aware of when someone is tweeting about a particular topic or hashtag. As soon as you’ve received the Twitter Alerts, you can immediately respond to it. Thus, you’d have more chances of getting a new customer.

Twitter alert


Save Time

Another important thing about Twitter Alerts is that they keep you informed about what people are discussing on Twitter. Thus, you won’t have to spend a lot of searching for trending topics. In other words, you can save plenty of time when you turn on the Twitter Alerts.

How to Use Twitter Alerts?

We think you’re now ready to learn the use of Twitter Alerts. So, let’s take a look at how you can use Twitter Alerts for your benefit.

Receive an Email

A better way to use to Twitter Alerts is to get an email when someone tweets about a particular topic. Usually, the users take advantage of these alerts when they are willing to build a long-term plan. So, if you’re preparing a plan for your business, you can turn the alerts on. You can then take a look at these emails whenever you get some time.

You can turn the alerts on for a particular keyword, hashtag or even a person. Thus, you’d get plenty of data to make an informed decision.

Emergency Alerts

The emergency alerts are the incredible option for major organizations that want to stay aware of an emergency situation in the central city areas. This feature is also very useful for journalists who are supposed to cover the news as soon as they can. You can use these alerts to stay ahead of others. Thus, they can achieve a better position on Twitter.

SMS Alerts

You can also get an SMS alert for some specific keywords. In order to get the SMS alert, you need to add a mobile number to your Twitter Account. You can set the SMS alerts by visiting the Settings and Privacy tab on your profile. The notifications will only start appearing once you’ve verified your mobile number. You can also turn the notifications off if you aren’t interested in getting notifications anymore.

If you’re willing to grow your business, the Alerts can make your dreams come true. The details we’ve mentioned above will help you with setting up Twitter alerts more effectively. Feel free to contact us if you need help with setting up the alerts on Twitter.

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