Twitter Analytics Tools

Any Twitter users know the importance of Twitter analytics tools for measuring and increasing their impact on social media.

It allows you to discover the locations, demographics, and interests of your followers, measure engagement, and find out how to make each of your tweets more successful.

But, with so many Twitter analytics tools available in the market, picking the right one to trust with your account is definitely overwhelming.

There are tools aim for tracking their campaign success and engaging with clients or leads, while others are designed for helping advanced businesses create, explore, and analyze their social data.

Check out our list of the best Twitter analytics tools to help make your social interaction lighter and more interesting.

9 Twitter Analytics Tools to Check out Today

Twitter Analytics Tools

Track the data of your Twitter profile, stats, engagement, audience, etc. using Twitter Analytics.

It is available to all users and could be a good step for those who are still getting started in the Twitter world.


An all in one Twitter analytics tool for social content management.

Twitter Analytics Tools

With Hootsuite, Build unlimited data, monitor how quickly your team responds to brand mentions.

Explore the many other activities related to personal and business purposes.

Keyhole Twitter Conversation Analytics Software

It is considered as a live tracking tool for conversations on social media. Keyhole has in-depth reporting and a complete slate of analytics.

It will help you determine actionable insights for optimized performance.

Buffer Twitter Analytics Tool

For lightweight and simple content scheduling, Buffer can impress you.

Although, it also offers tweet-level analytics if you want a combined platform. It is a less expensive and lighter version of Hootsuite.

Klear Influencer Analytics for Twitter

Find influencers based upon the criteria related to your interest with the analytics tool Klear.

It provides a great general view of the profile of any Twitter users, including the number of replies and retweets for every one hundred tweets, tweet distribution, and popular words.

Mentionmapp Visual Tool for Tweet Analysis

If boring reports with graphs and numbers don’t suit you well, then we recommend the Mention app tool.

What it does is produce a mind map that introduces bonds between hashtags and profiles that you have mentioned before.

Tweetreach Shows the Breadth of Your Twitter Reach Analytics

No more guesses on how your tweets have traveled and reach across your target audience.

Tweetreach does the job on your behalf! Just insert the URL of the article or page you would want to analyze or simply enter a phrase, topic, or account name and then you will immediately find a comprehensive background of the last fifty tweets you have sent.

Followerwonk Reporting on Follower Metrics on Twitter

To show you the detailed follower analytics, such as the user’s followers and their locations, make sure to add Followerwonk on your list of best Twitter analytics tools.

It also gives reports on the user’s social authority rankings and periods of the days when followers are active on social media.

Union Metrics Twitter Analytics Platform

Lastly, Union Metrics gives you complete analytics reporting.

You get to track your performance in actual time and get the newest performance data to keep up to date.

Each of these tools boasts features that are sure to guide your content strategy, grow your brand, track important metrics, and improve Twitter engagement.

Explore these analytics tools and see what we’re talking about!

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