Twitter Follower Stats

Want to monitor your progress on Twitter?

Well, you must keep a sharp eye on Twitter Follower Stats.

Yes, there are several other aspects that determine your success on Twitter but the follower stats give you a much better view of how well you’re performing on Twitter.

We understand how difficult it is to get likes and retweets on your tweets but you must agree with the fact that getting more followers is far more difficult.

That’s the reason why companies are often in search of Twitter marketing experts that can help them with growing their followers.

You must also pay serious attention to the Twitter Follower Stats if you want to ensure your success on Twitter.

Importance of Twitter Follower Stats

In this article, we’ll describe some important reasons why you should regularly monitor the Twitter Follower Stats.

We guarantee you that you’d be able to improve your performance on Twitter after knowing these facts.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the importance of Twitter Follower Stats.

Check your Team’s Performance

Usually, companies hire social marketing experts to handle their social media assets.

These professionals usually show the report of the overall performance rather than providing a weekly/monthly report.

For instance, if you had 33,000 in the previous week, they’d tell you that they’ve gained 500 more followers in the current week.

But they won’t tell you if the current week’s performance was better than the past or not.

In fact, you’d also feel happy knowing that you’ve received 500 more followers within a week.

But the best way to monitor your team’s performance is to compare their performance each week.

Thus, you’d be able to figure out whether they’re actually making any progress or not.

Fortunately, you can use different tools to check the Twitter follower stats so you may monitor your team’s performance more actively.

See where your competitors are standing

It feels really happy when you see that you’re consistently getting more and more followers on your profile.

But what if your competitor is growing faster than you?

Let’s say you’re getting 300-400 followers every week and it’s pretty amazing.

But how would you outrank your competitor who is getting 500-600 followers every week?

And you can only collect this data if you’re actively monitoring Twitter Follower Stats.

Remove the Bots

If you have a popular profile on Twitter, your competitors may use some false techniques to reduce your reputation.

There are many websites that offer Twitter followers for a partial amount of money.

These followers are usually bots and they don’t interact with the tweets after following the account.

The competitors usually take advantage of these tools to defame someone who is performing much better on Twitter.

You won’t be able to maintain your position on Twitter if you have bots in your list of followers.

And you can’t even provide proof of whether you purchased these followers or not.

Therefore, it’s important to stay aware of Twitter follower stats.