Twitter for Dummies

Twitter recently launched a campaign to explain the different features of Twitter for Dummies. It’s just because many users are still unaware of how to use Twitter for their benefit. Many people still believe that Twitter is just a tool that journalists use to embed the latest news when they don’t have anything to share.

But Twitter is a lot more than that. However, some users are still finding it difficult to understand the features of this powerful tool.

Twitter for Dummies

Explaining Twitter for Dummies

We’ve created this detailed guide to simply Twitter for Dummies. And we’re pretty sure that you’d understand all the important things about Twitter after reading this guide. So, without any delay, let’s take a look at how you can use different features of Twitter.

Twitter isn’t just for computer users. You can access Twitter from your iOS, Android, or other mobile device with Internet access. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can even text Tweets from any cellphone with SMS capabilities.



A tweet is the most important thing one must talk about when they’re describing Twitter for business. Therefore, we’ve decided to start with this feature. Whenever you share a message or thought on Twitter, it’s called Tweet. Most of the social media platforms offer unlimited space for sharing your message. But Twitter has a limit of 280 characters only.

Some might think that 280 words aren’t enough to share a valuable message. But you’d be surprised to know that the maximum limit for tweets was only 140 characters in the past. So, things have got a lot better. You just need to learn the right method of taking advantage of these characters instead of complaining.

Tagging other Users

When it comes to tagging someone on Twitter, you can use the “@” symbol before adding their name. Unlike Facebook, you’d have to mention the Twitter handle of a person to tag them instead of using their profile name. In order to find someone’s Twitter handle, you can simply click on their profile. The Twitter handle will appear right under the profile name.


Twitter is best known for its hashtags. And it will be an injustice if we didn’t describe this feature of Twitter for Dummies. The hashtags were designed to categorize the tweets accordingly. The hashtags aren’t mandatory for all twitter users. But if you want to talk about a specific topic on Twitter, it’s worth adding Hashtags to your tweets.

The hashtags help you with reaching out to the people that are following the same hashtag from different parts of the world.

Direct Message

Another unique thing about Twitter is that you can’t send a direct message to a user unless they accept your follower request. However, you can keep checking their feed every day.


Liking the tweets is also an important part of our Twitter for Dummies guide. If you liked the ideas and thoughts shared in a tweet, you can simply click that heart icon under the tweet to like it. It’s a great way of building a connection with other users.


When you like someone’s tweet and want to share it with your followers, you won’t have to copy and paste the content separately. You can simply click on the retweet button to share the tweet with your followers.

Hopefully, this Twitter for dummies guide has answered all the questions you had in your mind. However, if you need information about a particular feature of Twitter, you can contact us.

Hey, Twitter for dummies is not for dummies, it is for everyone to learn and experience and it’s quite fascinating for everyone to learn and understand. If you want to know more about other Twitter, you can check the Twitter For Mac and learn everything about the new edition of Twitter on iOS.

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