Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to cancel or unsubscribe your Twilerts you can do this by entering your account at and selecting ‘Account’ from the top bar. Underneath your account options you will see the option ‘deactivate your account by clicking here’. The ‘Close Account’ option will delete your account including all Twilerts and search history. Please note, that this is irreversible. If you would just like to pause your Twilerts, you can do this from within the Twilert dashboard. Paused Twilerts can be reactivated at any time.

ChainWave, LLC are the operators of Twilert and therefore invoices are sent from ChainWave, LLC at the registered PO Box of 1357 Ave. Ashford 2-248 San Juan, PR 00907-1400. If you have any queries about your billing arrangements please contact us with the details and a member of the team will be happy to get back to you.

Your invoice will be sent to the email address associated with an account once a payment is made. If you don’t see the invoice please look into your junk mailbox first and if you can’t see it please email

Log in to your account at and select ‘Account’ from the top bar, then ‘Billing info’, where you will be redirected to a page that allows you to enter the correct billing information.

To upgrade your plan, simply log in to your account at and select ‘Account’ from the top bar, then ‘plan’.

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