How Can I See My Old Tweets? 3 Quick Methods

There are millions of questions rounding up in your head.

One of them is, how can I see my old tweets? Out of all the questions in your brain, this is the question that carries an impact.

How can you see those old tweets? From ancient times.

Since the beginning, ever since Twitter had been introduced to you, non-stop tweeting is going on. Every second, minute, and hour of the day, you are tweeting.

This had been your hobby, and nobody is stopping you, aside from the tingling sensation made by the urge to pee or number two.

Then this immediate shock hits you, “what if I wanted to see my old tweets?”

This question immediately bothered you to the core, sending you into a complete stressed out state.

Are there any way? Can I scroll down until I reach the year 2005? Those are the questions that ran into your head immediately.

How Can I See My Old Tweets?

Trust me, scrolling down to 2005 is a waste of time and besides it is impossible, Twitter would only limit you to scroll down up to 3200 tweets, so all your hardship would go to complete waste of time, efforts, and tears.

How can i see my own tweets
How can I see my own tweets?

Upon reading this dreadful news, you stressed out, but don’t fear because there is a way. Lights will be shining upon you.

And it did, through this guide, you saw the light, a shortcut in seeing those old but lovely tweets.

Those tweets have become the foundation of your recent tweets.

But before I tell you the answer, calm your nerves down, read every detail, and follow them.

You would need to know some information or details before we proceed to this method.

I’m pretty sure that you know your username, then the next thing that you would want to know is the date.

Find My Old Tweets by Date, Month, and Year

The date, complete with the month, day and the year that you posted that ever precious tweet of yours.

So by this time you already know those details then the next thing you want to do is to type in the details in the search bar.

Type from: your username, since: the date or the time frame of the tweet.

When Twitter has listed all possible results, it will be arranged in chronological order, and it would be easier for you to find that certain old tweet.

Adding some more keywords in your search can also be used to narrow down your hunt for that missing old tweet.

Make sure that those words that you are using are about the tweet that you are searching. You don’t want your results to be unrelated with the tweet.

So you are now able to see those tweet since the date that you have inputted read them all to your heart’s content.

So the next time you want to hunt down another old tweet, you can use the same method to make your life easier and avoid any stress and tedious processes. Work smart and efficient!

Automatically answered: How Can I see My Old Tweets?

You can use the Old Tweet Tool in Twilert for free. You simply log in with your twitter handle and you’ll have access to the history of your own tweets.