How to View Old Tweets

For some people, Twitter is only viewed as one of the popular social networking sites where you can get advance updates around the worlds.

While on the other users, it is more than that. Twitter can be an online diary for us and we need to understand how to view old tweets to review that diary.

We can express our thoughts and feelings, share the moment, and highlight the great events that happened to our lives.

There are plenty of reasons that make you want to view your old tweets such as recalling a specific memory, delete old and embarrassing Tweets you no longer want to reminisce with.

Whatever your reason is in viewing your old tweets, you will be guided with this article on how to look for old tweets.

You may want to view your old tweets on Twitter but doesn’t know how. Well, eradicate the frustrations within you by reading this article.

This will help you be aware of what are the ways you can do for you to view your old tweets without compromising much of your time.

How to View Old Tweets Overview

Admit it. You can’t easily view your old tweets by manually scrolling. It will consume not only your time but also your energy.

That’s why it essential to make use of easy ways for you to view old tweets effectively. Twitter displays only 3200 recent tweets in your timeline.

So, if you have exceeded some of your tweets may not be viewed in your timeline anymore. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that Twitter deleted it. To view the old tweets, you first need to search for it

  • All you need to do is head to Twitter where you can find the main search page.
  • Under the search bar, you will see an icon that states advanced search. You can go directly to its URL if you want.
  • The Twitter search engine will pop up once you click on it.

How to View Old Tweets by Date

You can sort your tweets by date for you to view them chronologically. First, look for “From these accounts” and enter the account name.

Select for the date range and enter to proceed. If you can’t remember the date, you can also use keywords in searching for the old tweets.

Input the word into the “Words” tab whether the complete content, a phrase, or some content keywords. It will load for a while and then boom.

You now have a list of old tweets sorted by date, and you can now view them.

How to View Old Tweets in Wayback Archive

You can also get an idea of what your twitter account ACTUALLY looked like at a given date in the past.

If you’re looking to see what your tweets looked like in a specific aesthetic format or design in the past, this is your ticket.

Here we have gone to the WayBack Machine Twitter account to see updates where our account was archived.

how to view old tweets
Using the wayback machine

We are selecting the oldest date we can find so that we have a great example of the aged twitter post format.

As you can see below, it is really ugly! Wow, and what were we thinking??! Ha!

how to view old tweets archives

To sum up, you don’t need to scroll repeatedly to find the old tweets you are searching for. All you need to is follow the instructions and be guided to access the old tweets efficiently.

Once you view, you may decide to delete some of the old tweets to clean your timeline, retweet it again as a Twitter memory and to look back.

Always bear in mind that you don’t need to frustrate yourself in searching for your past tweets.

With just a couple of few clicks, it’s easy!