Monitor your Mentions on Twitter

Monitor your mentions on Twitter : Quick Starter Guide

Twitter has a special feature in monitoring your mentions. If you happen to lose track of what you do or tweet or even mention. Here are the step by step guide on finding them by being able to monitor your mentions on Twitter. There are several reasons for monitoring your mentions, some does this to save their reputation for wrong mentions. Or something that just passed away that may come offensively.

Monitoring may come very handy for some – and the statistics back it up. For every notification that comes and you might seem to lose them over time and you find it important seems to be a struggle for some. That is why it is very important to keep track with your mentions or even notifications to monitor what people are saying to you or may even contribute to your business if you happen to have one.

Example of Using an Automated Tool

In the image below, you’ll see that Twilert has a tool to help you easily build out queries that can handle any variant of your brand name or product mentions. It will continually scan twitter and return valuable insights.


Monitor your mentions on twitter
Monitor your mentions on twitter with Twilert


Here is the step by step guide on monitoring your mentions on Twitter

Alternatively, monitoring mentions on Twitter is much easier when you use the website or pc version. It is easier to configure and also do some added details or monitoring to your purpose. If you happen to have something important, then it is advisable to use the desktop site.

First Method

  • Log in to Twitter: The first thing that you may want to do is to Log into your Twitter account using a web browser.
  • Notifications: The second step is opening your notification tab. This way, you can be able to see or track the different notifications of your twitter account.
  • Navigate Mentions: Once you have entered the notification tab on your browser, besides all the notifications is the “Mentions.” This is where all the mentions are placed.
  • You are done: You can scroll down to look for more mentions.

Second Method

If you happen just to need to track it easier and you have no time to switch in the website browser, here is the step that you can monitor your mentions with either the use of both browser and smartphones.

  • Log in to Twitter: like the first method, you should make sure that it is your account to be taken action of. Complete the login process.
  • Search bar: unlike the first method, this method is quite easier. Go to the search bar, usually located on top of the webpage.
  • Search: Locate the mention you are trying to search by using the search bar. Type @ and the username of the person you want to monitor. Ex. @username
  • You are done: this lets you monitor the mentions but works on public or account you are following.
  • Alternatively, follow the mention alerts guide here

Overall, both methods work in both ways and arrive at the same outcome. But the first method seems to be specific. Since the username of the person can be changed over time, the second method seems to be difficult in terms of use since you cannot be able to locate them if they happen to change their username. The first method applies both ways, the only struggle is finding them if they are too far from the recent mentions.

Use Twilert

monitor mentions twitterYou can set up custom alerts to monitor your mentions on Twitter with our advanced search and monitoring tool. It allows you to set up custom alert criteria and get emails sent to you when people mention your brand, product, or any other term you set up . Our system also stores 50,000 tweet history for each alert, so you can always log in to search, filter, and arrange these results by date and more.