Radian6 is one of the most popular social media tools the enterprises are using for years. You must have heard about this tool while searching for best social monitoring tools on the internet. But you might be confused between deciding whether you should use this tool for your organization or not.

That’s the question that many people ask before buying this tool. In today’s article, we’ll highlight some important information about Radian6. And we’ll also share some valuable tips about how you can use this tool for your enterprise. And don’t worry because we’ll be highlighting the negative aspects of this tool as well. We assure you that you’d be able to make an informed decision by the end of this article.


How Radian6 became popular?

There are plenty of social monitoring tools serving organizations at different levels. And these tools are struggling a lot to build a reputation in the industry. But Radian didn’t have to go through the struggle as it entered the industry when there were only a few players.

Radian6 is a social listening tool that is dedicated to listen, analyze and engage information being shared publicly online. Radian6 is an online tool under the Salesforce brand, and AllFamous Digital is the authorized reseller of this program in the ASEAN Region.

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Moreover, they focused on providing the best reports to the customers. These are the two major elements that made it popular among other social monitoring tools. Another reason why they became so popular is that they took help from popular social media influencers to promote their services. The most important thing about Radian6 is that it started targeting big enterprises when there was no one else in the game.

How Radian6 can help you?

Now, let’s take a look at how this tool will change the overall performance of your organization.

Monitoring multiple social platformsradian

The organizations usually look for the targeted audience on popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. But they rarely think of targeting platforms like Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr while these platforms have their own importance. Similarly, there are plenty of other social platforms you might have never heard of.

That’s why you should start using a social media tool that can bring you reports from all the important platforms. In this situation, Radian6 can accommodate your needs more effectively as they have a huge database. Also, they are using advanced algorithms that can bring the most accurate reports in real-time.

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Monitor Blogs

Now, this is something you’d find in only a few social monitoring tools. This feature makes you feel relaxed and comfortable as it will keep you informed if someone’s discussing your brand anywhere on the internet. We can say that Radian6 is designed to offer an extreme level of satisfaction to the social media manager.

Not just that, it also monitors the comments that are published under different blogs and even social media posts. So, it keeps you aware of everything that’s happening on the web related to your industry.

Assign Comments to your employees

The best feature of this tool is that you can easily assign different comments to your teams with just a few clicks. It will help with providing a better response to the customers. And it will also improve the performance of your team over time.

What we didn’t like about Radian6?

Well, the pricing plans for this tool are really expensive. Although they’re offering excellent social monitoring services, we believe they should reduce the price a little bit. Secondly, they haven’t yet developed a smartphone app for their users. It means you’d have to open your laptop every time you want to check a notification. The company might lose several customers if they didn’t address these two issues on time.

That’s all about Radian6 , we hope that you get a good understanding on this topic, to learn more about just type of topics, just click on this link here .