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Almost everyone has a social media account and since President Obama, we have seen active Twitter usage from the United States President as well. “Trump twitter today” has actually become a common search term that people are looking for as a result. You want to know what Trump is tweeting today, but you’re not sure how.

We Twitter it to connect with other people, search for people, and look for new updates from our favorite, artist, singer, and even in the government. Just like in twitter, we tend to use it not only to follow people and to get the latest news, but we also use it to speak what’s on our mind, just like the US President Donald Trump.

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Ever since he was elected to the Presidency of the United States, President Donald Trump’s social media accounts such as Twitter has been watched by many people not only the US citizens but everyone around the globe. They are waiting for what the president will be posting, from the latest news, and so on.

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He uses social media to make comments about other politicians to daily news and celebrities. During Trump’s first half of the year in service, he had already tweeted more than 2,146 and counting. In his recent tweets, President Trump is criticized about his bad tweets on the recent hurricane Dorian. It is about how he tried to warn the people at Alabama, that they are much more likely to be hit by the upcoming storm. Some people saw it as a warning only, being a concerned president who just gave a warning or announcement out of concern.

Trump Twitter TodayBut for President Trump’s tweets, it was not a simple mistake of reporting bad or fake news. Instead, it happened continuously from one bad news to another. And not only Trump was being affected with this, but also the NOAA, which supposedly the one that will serve and share the right information to the people because it is their job to do so.

This hurricane Dorian bad tweets by the president are only some of the other recent tweets. There are also tweets about a teen celebrity and even about other countries. Trump Twitter Today is viewed by many people in which some are waiting for a new one that might be a good, or they are simply waiting for a tweet by the president. There are lots of comments tweeted concerning various issues that the president is attached to; some are agreeing, some believes the other way around, and there are some who are only making it more complicated.

Trump Twitter Today: Making Sense of The Chaos

President Trump as one of the famous and much respected by millions of people, whatever he says can be used against him or can work at his advantage. From the start of his service as a president until the present, people can lose count on how many words he had spoken, and some came from his social media accounts. We know that the president is a strong and frank person who says what he wants to say. After all, we all have the right to speak and can exercise our freedom of speech.

However, even though we have the power to do so, we must also think before anything else so that we say something that cannot hurt or harm anyone.